Buy Analogue input module,IE8 mA IE8. Browse our Mfr. Part No. IE8; Brand Allen Bradley I/O,module,Flex User Manual. Legislation. (Cat. No. IE8 Series B). 4. 1. 3. 2. 5. 6. 7. Module Installation. This module mounts on a terminal base unit. 1. the module. Installation Instructions. User manual • Read online or download PDF • Rockwell Automation IE4XOE2,IE8,OE4,D FLEX I/O ANALOG MODULE User.

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You want the mA 0 to 30, to be 32 to degrees in the PLC Marketing Communications, Allen Bradley Co. Channel 1 analog data sign bit. For example, for the 8 input analog module, you have 9 input manaul, and 6 output words.

This bit is set 1 when an error is detected in slot position 5. This bit is set 1 when an error is detected in slot position 2. This allows you to define a safe operating state for controlled devices which depend on the analog output from the module. In this manual, we show: Make sure that the pins on the bottom of the module are straight so they will align properly with the connector in the terminal base unit.

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Do not remove or mnual a terminal base unit when power is applied. Thereafter, the program continuously performs read block transfers and write block transfers. Channel 7 analog data sign bit. Refer to Appendix C for a table of values for various current and voltage modes, and an example of scaling to engineering terms. The two’s complement of 0 is not found, since no first “1” is ever encountered in the number.

Thereafter, the program continuously performs read block transfers to configure the module. This bit is set 1 when an 1794-ir8 is detected in slot position 7.

Rockwell Automation

Power Up bit – manua in series B modules only. This bit is set 1 when the node address switch setting has been changed since power up. Repeat the above steps to install the next terminal base.


Channel 0 Safe State analog data sign bit. Block transfer programming moves input from the module’s memory to a designated area in the processor data table, and output data words from a designated area in the processor data table to the module’s memory. In the above example: Separate power connections may be necessary. This bit is always 0 in series A modules. The following chart lists each chapter with its corresponding title and a brief overview of the topics covered in that chapter.

Total current draw through the terminal base unit is 1794-i8e to 10A. The processor user program initiates the request to transfer data from the module to the processor.

Remove field-side power before removing or inserting the module. The software configurable features available are: Make certain that the mounting plate is properly grounded 174-ie8 the panel. If interlocks are removed, the program may not work properly.

In addition, range selection bits have been revised to include an Off condition. If the terminal base does not lock in place, use a screwdriver or similar device to move the locking tab down, press the terminal base flush with the DIN rail and release the locking tab to lock the 1794-ei8 in place.

Maunal include logic processors, power and motion control devices, operator interfaces, sensors and a variety of software. Then it initiates a block transfer write to configure the module if the power up bit is set. Identifies information about practices or circumstances that can lead to personal injury or death, property damage or economic loss.

Then it initiates a block transfer write 1794-id8 configure the module and send data val ues. Use the mounting kit Cat. Configure select bits C for individual channels – Bit 08 corresponds to input channel 0, bit 09 11 corresponds to input channel 1, bit 10 12 corresponds to input channel 2, bit 11 13 corresponds to input channel 3, bit 12 14 corresponds to 1794-ie channel 0, and bit 13 15 corresponds to output channel 1.


The module is configured using a group of data table words that are transferred to the module using a block transfer write instruction.

IE8 & OE4 User Manual_百度文库

Bit 00 corresponds to output 0, bit 01 corresponds to output 1. Block transfer read BTR programming moves status and data from the 1794–ie8 to the processor’s data table. When set 1indicates either a broken or open input wire, or input current is at or below 4mA.

Adapter Input Status Word. The number is positive if the sign bit is 0 and negative if the sign bit is 1.

Mxnual the terminal base down onto the DIN rail until flush. Refer to your software literature for details. Underrange bits U for individual channels 4 20mA current input only – Bit 00 corresponds to input channel 0, bit 01 corresponds to input channel 1, and so on.

Interruption manul the flexbus can result in unintended operation or machine motion. If power is not applied, the module position will appear to the adapter as an empty slot in your chassis.

It has been designed and tested to meet the following directives. This bit is set 1 when an error is detected in slot position 6.

A mA input places data at N The transferred words contain module status, channel status and input data from the module. Channel 1 analog data – 12 bit left justified two’s complement number; unused lower bits are zero; 4 20mA uses all 16 bits.

This could result in unwanted or incorrect action.