“Ansiosamente aguardado pelos leitores brasileiros, volta às livrarias o célebre romance A montanha mágica, a grande obra-prima de Thomas Mann. A nova. Buy A Montanha Mágica (Portuguese Edition): Read 1 Kindle Store Reviews – “All the characters in Thomas Mann’s masterpiece come considerably closer to speaking English in John E. Woods’s version Woods captures perfectly the.

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These two bloviating asshats stand for the maann sides in World War I, and the nicest thing you can say about this book is that it didn’t go over super well with Nazis.

But perhaps the major theme of this novel is time. In explaining the premise of a book that has actually mgcia of bored me, have I inadvertently extolled its virtues? Lowe-Porter, it has been said, succeeded in translating the novel into German, and having tried the first few pages of her translation I admit I found it almost unreadable.

While other reviewers don’t mention it, Danse Macabre was fascinating as well. In other words, sometimes, Naphta must advocate Revolution and Terror.

It had also come to light that he really wasn’t there for his own medical benefit. Also embedded within this vast novel are extended reflections on the experience of time, music, nationalism, sociological issues and changes in the natural world. I love that Mann took on the entire Thojas world and all of our human concerns — personal, social, existential, political, natural, theological, and artistic — as the basis for his book.

The Magic Mountain – Wikipedia

The Magic Mountain –Buddy Read. If we are lucky, we can put our lessons into practice in our lives. Not only is “TMM” a great work of literature, but it is about how a great work of literature works: Which should be readily apparent, because if I were not, this book would probably have received only two stars from me—not as a reflection of its literary quality per se, but rather as a reflection of my own reaction to it. This is the well-to-do of Europe before the Great War, living off of old money in a state of pure contentment that, were it not for sheer boredom, would accomplish next to nothing.

However, life goes on.

Because of this proclivity, he remains thoma and vacillating in his own philosophies as one who stands for nothing and so might fall for anything. And when those themes also reflect aspects of my own life experience, I feel a wonderful convergence, an exchange of montaanha at an almost physical level as if the the space between the pages where the authors ideas are laid out and my reading of their pages has become porous and a continual flow happens between all three, an exchange not unlike the one that happens in the deepest tissues of the respiratory system when we breathe in and out.


It comes to us in short, sharp, punchy grabs. Encouraged by some of the other reviews, I revisited the book, and read the passage describing Hans’s thoams in the snow, as that was said to be the best part of the book. For to be man was to be ailing. Refresh and try again.

A Montanha Magica Thomas Mann | TUKATUKA AGUIAR –

They don’t write ’em like this anymore. In its prejudices it just assumes too much.

Doctors h Reading The Magic Mountain is learning to die. That was my experience, anyway, as I said goodbye to Joachim, to Peeperkorn, to Claudia, and then, finally, to Settembrini and Hans himself. The detail that Davoid was in a particular canton is typical of Mann’s style of including sometimes useless details just to ensure that the photo he is painting is as realistic as possible.

At the conclusion of the novel, the war begins, and Castorp volunteers for the military. If they do, rarely do they make the effort to take on this overwhelming amount of information and distill it down into a message for the mabn. The x-ray laboratory in the cellar represents the Hades of Greek mythology, where Medical Director Behrens acts as the judge and punisher Rhadamanthys and where Castorp is a fleeting visitor, like Odysseus.

Now, take that question, and apply it to Europe as a whole. At this event, Castorp woos Madame Chauchat; their subtle conversation is carried on almost wholly in French. View all 5 comments. It is only montanhz Imagine hiking up a steep mountain. A complex book, philosophy, history and politics all mixed up with symbolism and irony.

But this is no polka, it is a tango.

I admit that I only struggled my way through the first pages, thonas that was enough to convince me that I should not waste any more minutes of my precious life wading through any more of this drivel. High-minded comments — and there are many — are rarely allowed to stand without an invitation for us to smile at them: How much the reader himself has gotten used to things is made clear when Hans gets a visit from his uncle.


In Which the Hero is Heightened and Enhanced “TMM” is set in a sanatorium on a Swiss mountain, where patients suffering from tuberculosis go to receive treatment and a cure.

Beauty is of little montnha. The Magic Mountain is one such hike. For death, as an independent power, is a lustful power, whose vicious attraction is strong indeed; to feel drawn to it, to feel sympathy with it, is without any nontanha at all the most ghastly aberration to which the spirit of man is prone. Castorp eventually resides at the sanatorium for seven years. Her Asiatic features and slanted eyes remind Hans of Pribislav Hippe, a schoolmate to whom he felt strongly attracted as a child.

It is time to re-open the doors to the Berghotel Sanatorium Schatzalp, pull the dust sheets off the furniture, fumigate the rooms, replace the X-ray machine with an up-to-date MRI scanner and admit some brand new patients in need of medical assistance. The titular reference to mountain reappears mgiica many layers.

The Magic Mountain

The same Thomas Mann recommends to read his novel not once but twice in his afterword, comparing the experience of a second reading with the necessity of knowing a piece of music to fully appreciate each note, which will lead to a thorough enjoyment of the apparently separate movements that compose a symphony.

It speaks of the mysteries of biology and brilliantly relates the starting point of life to an unexplained and unstoppable illness. I have the H. At the risk of being labelled a Philistine, I declare that this book is one of the most insufferably boring tomes that has ever made it onto my bedside table.