James Salter was the celebrated author of six novels (The Hunters, ; The Arm of Flesh, ; A Sport and a Pastime, ; Light Years, ; Solo Faces, . A Sport and A Pastime is a seductive classic that established James Salter’s reputation as one of the finest writers of our time. It is remarkable for its eroticism, . The astonishing novel and “tour de force” about a love affair in postwar France from the iconic author of All That Is (The New York Times Book Review).

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The story is told by some salteer guy. A Sport and a Pastime succeeds as art must. And Love your review Katie Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Is this the province of porn writers, then?

A Sport and a Pastime Summary & Study Guide

I’d never heard of James Salter, to be honest. Salter stated in the Paris Review that he finds writing form the point of view of women to be much more interesting than writing from pasime point of view of a man; in literature, as in life, a powerful woman possesses a presence that will dwarf and overwhelm even the most confident of men—If they are intelligent enough to realize this aura.

I many respects, they were like an old pastimr couple, without the sex: There are flea-bites on his aalter. But central France in the early 60s; a young couple driving around in a convertible; she’s in love; he’s…detached and in lust.

Dean, on the other hand, alternates between despising her and adoring her. This is my first book by Salter, whom I have undertaken as a result of an article about the Hamptons literary crowd I read some time ago. He moves fluidly in the garb of a European; his pace and tone heavy but never dolorous, and yet he remains distinctly American in his perspective, one that can bridge the grand imagination that comes from a notion of the Old World, but which also remembers that beneath the golden rotundas and ornate friezes lies the flaking paint of long weathered walls.


The literary raunchiness intrigued me, so I promptly borrowed it from my local library. What can it be, beyond temporal, beyond other? Set in jaems France in the s, it is the intensely carnal story—part shocking reality, part feverish pastjme —of a love affair between a footloose Yale dropout and a “As nearly perfect as any American fiction I know,” is how Reynolds Price The New York Times described this classic that has been a favorite of readers, both here and in Europe, for almost forty years.

More important because they are the intuitive in its purest state On the q bed they are soon at work, skillfully, silent as thieves. A Sport and a Pastime came to me through the intercession of John Irving, who makes this slim volume an important part of the plot of his sprawling A Son of the Circus novel. I have always been petrified of snd them close to me because they have a way to deconstruct and decode jajes the most well encrypted of secret codex. I would like to read something else by Salter, as despite not finding this story terribly appealing, I did like his writing style.

I still think it’s rather amazing. While explicit sexual episodes feature throughout, they don’t, in fact, rank among the best passages. I’m n How rare is it to find exquisite, naked-as-a-jaybird, hot-as-Hades, life affirming sex scenes in a book of lit-fic?

This novel feels dated in its subject matter, and is beset with passages of casual racism and sexual imperialism that are repugnant to me. Nothing can affect you, no revelation, no crime.

A Sport and a Pastime – Wikipedia

They curve in behind and mould it… The sheep move in a current, like a stream – the edges cling, the center continually flows. Some paragraphs were exquisite. Jan 20, Cecily rated it really liked it Recommended to Cecily by: Oct 06, Michael Meeuwis rated it it was ok. I’m blowing smoke right.

We only know what we are allowed. Dec 02, Xio rated it really liked it Shelves: Salter spott up in New York City and was jaames career officer and Air Force pilot until his mid-thirties, when the success of his first novel The Hunters, led to a fulltime writing career.


Th One must have heroes, which is to say, one must create them. But who is Anne-Marie? That’s kind of the hook of the novel; the way in which we construct stories, based on scant information. Material, craft, and affect: The box where her savings lie hidden. anv

Deep in feathers, breathing softly, they lie. One must have heroes, which is to say, one must create them. Oct 16, Duane rated it it was amazing Shelves: They are deep in a sumptuous dream in which they have discovered one another.

It’s parked under the trees near the house and locked, but like an old man fading, it has already begun crumbling before one’s eyes.

Check Salter’s words above.

A Sport and a Pastime Summary & Study Guide

Phillip and Anne-Marie, btw, jammes get their comeuppance. The lies would be revealing. The narrator describes scenes that he couldn’t have possibly witnessed, and the thing is, I don’t mind because he said himself that he is making a lot of this up. A Novel Vintage International. Dec 08, Bianca rated it liked it Shelves: Salter understood what lies beneath housebroken relations and rules: Our narrator is the perfect voyeur, entirely suited to observation and vicariousness, and although not directly engaged in a menage a trois, his agency is crucial.

I want to love without rational and reason and philosophy reminding me that this is only a journey embarked on by a great fool.