Documentation Overview. FCOM VOL 2 – Flight Preparation. FCOM VOL 3. QRH Section 4. Performance Training Manual: • Provides. Here is a list of videos from the A series playlist on YouTube · A – Manuals · A – General Overview – Quiz Link · A – Air. PSS A / A / A AOM – Airbus Aircraft Operating Manual – February 23,

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I have watched a lot of real cockpit aviation video’s and you are getting more loh that view than a simulated view, and the difference here is that it is you that is interacting with the aircraft and not a pilot on a video.

I found the aircraft is excellent in that zone in reducing speed and being a x320 stable platform with more control when lining up your approach. You do not have permission to do this. I worked at FedEx Kinkos for a while, we got training non stop about how to handle copywrited material. Also, they’re in Barberton, OH, which is a quaint little town.

Support those that support the aviation community!

The AU does not disappoint in this area of design and the gear sections are as detailed and good as you could get, bit clean though with not a lot of wear and tear The rear main oph are also beyond pou, with highly detailed flap jacks and links all installed and animated. The fly by wire aircraft is controlled by three primary control computers captain’s, first officer’s, and standby and two secondary control computers captain’s and first officer’s.

The manipulators otherwise can be a bit clunky, but you get used to it. The current main aim is to get the base line, then work on the different performance models later.


Helpful is the “Orange” titles show you what area you need to do the action, the white in what the check is. Were as the JAR helped you with some of the calculations, here you are on your own. Every year we get another level of detail in the internal areas of aircraft, here the cockpit is astounding in it’s sheer detail that is simply eye popping.

Information from these computers is sent both to the pilot’s primary flight display and also to the control surfaces. So this is a more deeper system than that in the systems you are usually interacting with as they are simulated as real and so acts as real in this very alive aircraft.

ForeFlight – Performance Directory

Free banners for your site for when you link to www. I was talking more along the lines of Boeing manuals. It is a strange and slightly different feeling when operating this A than with your usual feedback from the X-Plane experience. I used to keep a pdf copy on my ipad during the C days. Not-for-profit Pon study group. Then show me anything credible to support your claim.

But it’s not illegal to print off fed docs. While the bulk of it should be highly useful and accurate, DO use material here at your own risk.

Aircraft Performance Directory

Like a lot of areas on the AU, when you use the iPad it disconnects from the aircraft for keyboard inputs, so you can’t move the screen or anything aircraft related until you press the background to reconnect with the X-Plane environment. The checklist won’t however do the action for you or start up the aircraft to taxi roll, in this case it is a little basic from other FF aircraft, but it is very good and very clear to use.

Illegal to print off a POH?? I got my PPL in Monroe. There are plenty of fair use exceptions to copyright that IP owners may not like, but are perfectly legal.


So how to poy absorb it all, to understand the finite detail pho the cockpit The reward is that this is about the most perfect FMS system in X-Plane, it pph take a very long review to cover all the aspects and the best way to sum it up, is that if the system is in the Airbus POH then it is replicated here in full.

Treat this as a community resource that requires active contribution from people like you to remain useful. The screen layout works very well and looks professional. Meanwhile the POH spends two pages congratulating you on buying such a pleasant business aircraft.


If you do have a scroll wheel then that is a great big advantage in moving the knobs far more quickly and it is highly recommended.

Post something that you would like to discuss! If you are following all this you can see how very complex the A q320 an aircraft is, and to replicate that into a simulation is a very big task.

You can’t just drop into the pilot’s seat of a real A and fly it straight to another destination, it quite doesn’t work like that and you have to keep with in the same strategy when flying this FF AU, certainly as expected from a cold start, but also from a hot engine running start as well. Posted December 24, The pilot’s chair in it’s base is perfect, I mean totally perfect and the armrests plh with fluid animation.