Full text of “Fantasy Adventure To Adult Lechery/From Another Time, Another Land”. See other formats. L GAME ‘.’.’I*. err the Pice N’ever Lie r~ o ♢ FROM. FATAL: “From Another Time Another Land” formerly known as “Fantasy Adventure To Adult Lechery”) is a tabletop roleplaying game by Byron Hall, published by. FATAL: “From Another Time Another Land” (formerly known as “Fantasy Adventure To Adult Lechery”) is a tabletop Role-Playing Game published by Fatal.

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The wars of ogres and trolls are commonly referred to as the Perpetual War, because it must have lasted for nearly 1, years.

When talking to a male, a nymph giggles at everything said by the male, regardless of the quality or sincerity of his words. All satyrs have high Debauch- ery, enjoy inebriation and aggression, and pursue fe- males whenever seen.

Known World 10 Populations The races available to play- ers are differentially distributed across the 3 continents of Neveria. To survive, horses eat grain and drink water. Because dwarves are the latest flourishing sentient humanoids, some historians argue that they are the best — especially dwarven historians. Draft horses are bred to be strong and pull weight. Warning Neveria is for adults only. The moon is the most unpredict- able planet.

There were too many wars in this age to discuss here, but humans had a difficult time adapting to a foe who studied them.

The Miscellaneous table includes a variety of information. In this respect, dwarves are closer to gods than other humanoid races. Most characters do not believe that leprechauns are related either to dwarves or elves, but are their own race. Creatures Gnome This humanoid species looks similar to dwarves, but are more rare. Kobolds also continually threaten the hu- mans of Emellon.


Because there are so many king- doms, and each kingdom refers to time in relation to the local kingdom, it is frustrating for characters to discuss dates and years with characters from other cultures. This continual coaxing becomes irritating in time, and the female will be unable to sleep while he continues to enter any orifice that appeals to him at the moment. Hierophants, Druids, Crusaders, all, none, and they are called.

When bugbears do raid the locals, the Quirites may attack the bugbears, but usually blame the locals for allowing the raid. But, during the age, trolls roamed Neveria, tearing lesser lecheey limb from limb. Female goblins never attempt to live with a human family.

Sun The size of the sun is evident from a lunar eclipse.

King Ayuer is tall, muscular, and said to re- semble a bear, though this exaggeration is intended only to emphasize his large presence. Sets of gaming dice usually include one 4-sided, one 6-sided, one 8-sided, two sided or percentile diceone sided, and one sided die.

In such cases, the dragon never attacks the com- munity. The most notable feature of the south is the Quirite Kingdom, known to others as the Quirite Empire. When a eudaemon no longer guards the character it was created to protect, then the goal of a eudaemon is to rid the world of cacodaemons. This information is related to Chapter 3: Pantheons are coalitions among gods, usu- ally organized according to species, race, or culture. A moral daimon is called a eudaemon, while an immoral daimon is called a cacodaemon.

Humans cover their floors with flax seed.

As a race, we like to believe that our gods consid- ered us the perfect balance between Intelligence and size. For example, the fast- est human sprinted m in 9. Western Emellon Western Emellon is almost entirely mountains. Dogs and other domesti- cated pets ignore goblins. The Body Parts table resembles the lechry presented in Chapter 2: Though many females criticize satyrs and their fea- tures, most are attracted sexually to satyrs, though if asked they would deny it.


Kobolds and subterranean trolls, however, are very different. Depending on the disposition and religion of the character to which they were bound, a variety of outcomes are lecchery.

FATAL (Tabletop Game) – TV Tropes

Tenets exist as to iden- tify what is forbidden or valued. No one knows the true nature of Myrddin. Fatal Games retains the copyright. It is cur- rently unknown what day is unholy. Bears forage for food during the day and sleep at night. When a cacodaemon is no longer able to corrupt this character, then the goal of a cacodaemon is to rid the world of eudaemons.

It is located within the largest mountain on Emellon.


Dwarves, kobolds, lecherh trolls live underground, and do not consider planets to have any significance, though kobolds and trolls venerate the moon.

However, bears attack bugbears less often than other humanoids. Odier features of dragons were based on European mythology. Because menstruation coincides with a lunar month, females are associated with the moon. The circumference of Earth is actually 24, miles.

Bonurbis Bonurbis is the capital city of Auria.