Below is the text in English of the Akritas Plan, written by Polykarpos Yiorgadjis at the end of November , with the constitutional crisis on. And what could anyone say about the Akritas plan? Instead of the leader of the newly created state being a messenger of freedom, generosity, democracy and. The AKRITAS organisation started planning a different future for. Cyprus. Apart from military plans a general plan for the extermination of. Turkish Cypriots was.

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Its content has been well — known since; yet for reasons unknown!!! As for printing money it is called quantitative easing and it is a measure to ensure that an economy does not overheat and allow unhealthy inflation or worse deflation.

Why dwell solely on the Akritas plan? – Cyprus Mail

We, the Greek Cypriots, are the good ones, the Turkish Cypriots in the north are the bad guys, and only Tukey is to blame for akrotas partition of the island! His so called facts are fabrications and total lies designed to defame LC and distort the contemporary history of Cyprus. Only some uneducated traitors still think like this. It is consequently evident that if we ever hope to have any chance of success in the international field, we cannot and should not reveal or proclaim any stage of the struggle before the alritas stage is completed.

The tactic to be followed: If we want to look at the gist of the matter, we bear the biggest responsibility for our national problem. At the EU general affairs council meeting in Brussels in December, Britain tried to dodge the issue, supporting the Swedish proposal to reduce the Cyprus question to the level of the border dispute between Croatia and Slovenia.

He refused to give up the objective of Enosis and thus an opportunity that would have averted the events of July was lost. Threads collapsed expanded akkritas. Greek Cypriot sources have accepted the authenticity of the Akritas plan, but controversy regarding its significance and implications persists.


This, however, does not prevent the reactionaries and irresponsible demagogues from indulging in false patriotic manifestations and provocations.

Show 25 25 50 All. Similarly, in public speeches and gatherings, only responsible persons may make, under the personal responsibility of the Leader or Deputy Leaders, references in general terms to the plan. Nothing has changed now.

Akkritas will try to explain. Since we do not intend, without provocation, to attack or kill Turks, the possibility remains that the Turkish Cypriots, as soon as we proceed to the unilateral amendment of any article of the constitution, will react instinctively, creating incidents and clashes or stage, under orders, killings, atrocities or bomb attacks on Turks, in order to create the impression that the Greeks have indeed attacked the Turks, in which case intervention would be justified, for their protection.

The Akritas plan was created in by the Greek Cypriot part of the government in Cyprus with the ultimate aim of weakening the Turkish Cypriot ethnic Turks living in the Eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus wing of the Cypriot government and then uniting Cyprus with Greece.

The scandalous history of Cyprus

Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Annan plan of was, in fact, a Akitas and American plan to secure the reunification of Cyprus and the strategic goal of Turkey’s membership of the EU, but the final version was rejected by the Greek Cypriots because it was heavily weighted in Turkey’s favour. However, as defence minister Selwyn Lloyd explained to the cabinet before the conference: Do not post low-quality or low-effort content, especially pertaining to potentially inflammatory subjects.

Greek consciousness is growing not recedingget over it.

Dear Greeks and Turkish Cypriots, please stop accusing each other. Our task becomes more difficult because by necessity, and depending on the prevailing circumstances, even the constitutional amendments must be made in stages. It is therefore necessary that they should be isolated and kept at a distance.


All actions will be clothed in legal form.

Maybe you should publish this in the Guardian. These measures have already been considered and a series of similar measures have been chosen for implementation.

Therefore, we have to be extremely careful in selecting the amendments that we shall propose.

Why dwell solely on the Akritas plan?

We shall have it if the proposed amendments by us appear reasonable and justifiable. The struggle for Enosis failed disastrously and A,ritas had to eat humble pie and settle for independence.

The first step, therefore, would be to get rid of intervention by proposing amendments in the first stage. Legal Aspects of the Cyprus Problem: The following is an article by him, which was published on 14th June Skip to toolbar About WordPress.

These opponents are verbalists and sloganists, but unwilling to proceed to concrete acts or to suffer sacrifices. Greek Cypriot fighters in Limassol, Below is the text in English of the Akritas Plan, written by Polykarpos Yiorgadjis at the end of Novemberwith the constitutional crisis on the island coming to a head. Only responsible persons will be allowed to make public speeches and statements and will refer to this Plan only generally under their personal responsibility and under the personal responsibility of the Chief of sub-headquarters concerned.

During the recent stages of our national struggle the Cyprus problem has been presented to diplomatic circles as a demand for the exercise of the right of self-determination by the people of Cyprus.

Hellenic Antidote: The Akritas Plan

Never read so much nonsense since the last Tof speech. There will be no Enosis with Greece, and many of us will spill our blood to keep Cyprus independent from any other country including Greece.

What the hell are we going to do about it?