al-Imam Muhammad ibn Idris a]-SHAFITS al-Rl SALA .. 12 ai-Fakhr , Kitdb Mandqib al-ShAfi’i (Cairo, n. d.). .. 52 Both the Risala and the Kitdb al-. Imam Shafi on On Legal Knowledge Read Classical – Excerpt Written in the second Islamic century by al-Imam al-Shafi’i (d. AH/AD), the founder of one. Al-Risalah of Imam Shafi’e – The Muslim Philosophy of Thinking Imam Al-Shafi’e was a genius and his work ‘Al-Risalah’ was unprecedented in the history.

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The Quran and the orders of Muhammed pbuh comprise two important elements of the new and final religion. Al-Risala — Imam al-Shafii. Risala is targeted at those familiar with the basics of Islamic jurisprudence, undergraduate levels and above. Significance of the Risala 5. This blog contains thoughts on some of my favourite books, books that you can keep coming back to again and again Sections of this page.

This way of thinking was adopted by many, including Muslim philosophers and Islamic scholars. Imam Shafiee died in the Year A.

al-risala Urdu Imam Shafi’i

During the early years of the spread of Islam, the exponents of Islamic legal doctrine were faced with the problems raised by ruling and administering a diverse and rapidly growing empire. Reports can often be contaminated by mistakes and errors, insertions and additions, fabrication and falsehood, and other types of deficiencies.


Shafii discusses the legal contribution that the Sunnah makes in clarifying the meaning of particular Quranic legislation or elaborating law and shfi its role as a source of law. Critique A number of jurists across the various legal schools of thought have historically provided detailed critique of the concepts introduced in the Risala.

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Shaykh Mohammad Akram Nadwi Official added 4 new photos. Shaykh Mohammad Akram Nadwi Official. Articles containing Arabic-language text. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Retrieved from ” https: It is the first explicit formulation of the terms and discipline of usul al-fiqh. However, over time much of the contents of Risala have been incorporated into all the schools of thought.

This important work gives the fundamental principles of Islamic jurisprudence and its influence continues to the present day.

Al-Risala (Al-Shafi‘i) – Wikipedia

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: He was active in juridical matters and his teaching eventually led to the school of fiqh named after him. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. He adds a comprehensive introduction to the translation, starting with the historical background of the Risala.

Retrieved 29 May In Medina and Kufa, as well as other cities of early Muslim rule, schools of law had to be developed, but it took the genius of Muhammad b. In addressing Istihsan, which was primarily imsm by the Iraqi jurists, he rejects the principle due to its unlimited and unrestricted use of discretion. The Risalah is a brilliant exposition of the basic principles of and argumentation in Islamic law.


This has led to successive jurists from his own school differing with him, primarily, due to the absence of any mechanism of implementing consensus of the community. Idris al-Shafi’iUniversity of Pennsylvania This will be the first ever seminar of its kind looking at miam ideas and works of Imam Shafi’e. Abu Zayd They asked: Throughout ql ages people had ways of thinking but a certain methodical way of thinking was introduced to the world by Greek philosophers and logicians such as Aristotle and Plato.

Considered Islamic book reviews: Al-Risala – Imam al-Shafii

However, Khadduri rearranged the treatise in two places. Ijma consensusQiyas analogyIjtihad personal reasoningIstihsan juristic preference and Ikhtilaf disagreements albeit with less coverage than the Quran and Sunnah.

Beginners may find it a little heavy.