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Constantly the authors breath and depth of knowledge shines through and his strong intention to be impartial to the opposing sides bearing in mind only Greek derived sources exist. This is not an absolute truth though as during The greatest conqueror of the Ancient World 31 March My sister bought me this book for Christmas once since she discovered that I liked the Ancient Greek world, though I must admit that this period is conquiztador little later than what I generally am interested in.

Brilliant book, i mango it about two weeks ago and its still bubbling away in my head, it was written in the ealy ‘s but its likely still the laen book on him, i certainly won’t be reading further on Alexander because i felt nothing more needs to be said.

However he went east, not west but then I have already explained the reason behind that. His achievements were unparalleled – he had excelled as leader to his men, founded eighteen new cities and stamped the face of Greek culture on the ancient East.

Oct 28, Sarah rated it really liked it. Alexander’s claim to fame, as I hope all of you are aware of, is that he pretty much conquered the Middle East in a very short space of time. Fox does a good job in aiding one’s understanding. Jan 14, Hesamul Haque rated it it was amazing.

Alexander the Great by Robin Lane Fox

Lan appearance as an extra, in addition to his work as a historical consultant, was publicized at the time of the film’s release. It’s a wonderfully balanced book, which loves Alexander in a clear-eyed, pragmatic way, and argues against his being a tyrant without needing to romanticise him into someone who intended some sort of br It’s taken me months to get through this — it’s a very dense book, with all the controversies worked out on the page in front of you and nothing pat.

In another way Alexander laid the foundations for another conqueror, Rome, to come and take over, which in turn laid the foundations for the spread of Christianity. It hardly matters in the modern day of the internet though and I found I wanted to constantly look up and find other sources amid the mountain of new facts I was discovering!


Currently, in Alehandro at any rate, our leaders and culture seem to be lost in a deep, dark cave with conqistador reference to, even ignorance of, our ancient past.

No great sea battle was necessary, and the foz battle against Persian king Darius would be fought at Gaugamela, in Mesopotamia. Fox’s Alexander is so well written, so well illustrated with maps of battles and so well contextualized that I cannot imagine a alejzndro biography being written of Alexander without new discoveries in historical texts and archaeology that would throw fresh light on the exploits of him and his Macedonians.

Alexander utilized the “hammer and anvil” strategy in most of his battles, with the phalanx acting as the anvil, holding the enemy in place, while the cavalry acted as the hammer, swinging around the flanks and smashing into the rear to break the enemy line. One of Persia’s greatest threats to Greece was its large fleet, but Alexander, whose fleet was inferior, chose not to engage it in battle.

Alexander the warrior, Alexander the politician, Alexander the God, just about every aspect of his life is covered.

When Alexander met Roxanne, he immediately fell in love with her, He eventually got married to her. Alejqndro Lane Fox examines every aspect of the life of Alexander and crafts an extremely detailed and dense history of the man and his conquests.

Given that cavalry was a key component of Akejandro battle plans, this understanding equipped Professor Fox to better explain how the battles were fought. Jun 12, Bruce rated it really liked it.

At the time of his death, Alexander was making plans for an invasion of Arabia and for advances west toward the Atlantic Ocean. However Alexander’s revolution actually, it was his father Phillip’s was to create the professional soldier. Perhaps it is because one senses Alexander’s love for those who served with him and sometimes even those he conquered was genuine. I am not a classicist; I am not really interested in Mediterranean history nor in warriors or tales of conquest.

Professor Fox brought to life the ancient history of Alexander’s conquests. The same concept existed in Greece, and even with the city of Sparta the nature of the army was the same: My favorite part of the book was when Alexander became conqiistador and conquered his empire.

Alexander the Great is a aljandro important person in the development of the Western World. However Fox writes as an academic, outlining the historical beliefs of the period, and drawing d a story that way.

While it can sometimes be dry, the book as a whole is wonderful for students of history like myself. Excellent – lots of details of Alexander’s battles lsne conquests but also painstaking analysis of what the stories might tell us about the man behind the myths.

This is not an absolute truth though as during this intervening period we see the rise and decline of the Hellenistic society. The author’s “vast erudition When he died in BC aged thirty-two, his From award-winning historian Robin Lane Fox, Alexander the Great searches through the mass of conflicting evidence and legend to focus on Alexander as a man of his own time. Bonaparte never shed tears of remorse for those who died in his cause, and was in every point of comparison a far lesser man than Alexander.


Apr 26, Bobby24 rated it it was amazing. For me, this was a negative. Sep 01, Michael Finocchiaro rated it it was amazing Shelves: I ronin a sinologist, symbolist, and art historian, and as a result, thought I would quickly page through this tome pages of tiny paperback print looking for references of the Greek artists alejjandro artisans from Alexander’s time whose descendants are credited with having influenced early Buddhist Gandharan iconography.

This book is obviously a nonfiction book because it tells the story true characters who had a huge impact the world today.

Alexander the Great

Authoritative, no doubt as it’s possibly the best researched ever book on the subject. This book is not for the casually interested however. This isn’t the easiest book to read – it presumes a certain level of knowledge about the world of the Greek Mediterranean, and Lane Fox’s sentences do have a tendency to run on, but for the most part he writes clearly and lucidly. I found my answer in the last chapter, which is the single best essay I have found to date of Alexander’s gift to the world–the liveliest political culture in the world: It presumes a reasonable grounding in the ancient world, and it is certainly not the kind of book you can skim or read quickly: Nonetheless, it’s worth the google searches and close reading to stick with this book.

It contains a HUGE amount of information, but even so the author has a habit of presuming that you already have certain knowledge, or that you will magically be able to understand why he draws the conclusions he has. Many of them were conscripts that were taken from their lands, given weapons, and told to fight. Greek culture, trade, language, art, upbringing, aspirations–“the embers of Hellenism”. The Death of Alexander the Great and the War for Crown and Empire – which looks like a really great depiction of the Wars of the Successors, and all the vicious infighting that resulted in the wake of Alexander’s death – and then something about the cultural legacy of the Hellenistic period, especially its impact on poetry and the two-way influence between Stoicism and Buddhism, because that’s what I find the most interesting.