Alternate Fingering Chart for Saxophone. Lower Altissimo: F#6 to A6 These fingerings are the same on all sizes of saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, . These fingerings are the same on all sizes of saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor, Back to Lower Altissimo Register. Note. Written. Fingering. Description. Src. A 6. Please contact [email protected] for permission for submission in publications. Saxophone Altissimo Fingering Chart. Fingerings for altissimo F / G. # b.

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Do you sell outside the UK? These fingerings are the same on all sizes of saxophone soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, and bass unless specified otherwise.

T Eb ——3 — PK T f—2— 12— Good for alto. Out of stock books and DVDs are generally restocked within a week. TM T 1—— Bb ——— Good for alto. T ——— 1—3 Eb. Altissino f——3 Bb 12—. T D 1—— Bb — Yes, we sell internationally. Recent Posts order robaxin buy robaxin online buy robaxin uk buy robaxin buy robaxin. T D —23 ——3.


Fingering chart – Altissimo register « saxopedia

T 1—3 ——3 Eb. T 1—— 12— Eb. Altissiml f——— E ———. All the tone exercises on the site and lots more Buy Now.

VK T —2— ——— Good for tenor. Your currency will be automatically converted at the current exchange rate.

Donations are not compulsory, but are very much appreciated in return for the work we do creating the site and resources. Requires fast air stream. Lip up from C 8 to achieve D 8. T Eb f——3 ———.

T f——— E ———. In order to use the altissimo range above this it is important to get familiar with the saxophoone F AKA auxilliary F key as shown here. These may or many not work for you. T D f——3 E How much will postage cost? D 7 to D 8 This fingering chart includes both basic fingerings and alternatives that are more appropriate in some passages. T 1—3 E 1——. T ——— Bb ———.

JL T 1—3 Bb ——— For baritone. T D 12— Bb — Submit a fingering for this note or for a higher note. T Eb D 1—— 12—. T 1—3 1—— Eb. T f——— Bb 12— Eb. Email Address Please type this correctly or you won’t get the email with the link!


Alto Sax Altissimo Chart

T ——3 Bb 1——. VK T ——3 C —— For tenor. Use in combination with G 6 or the range D 5 —Bb 5. T 1—3 C ——3. T D ——3 12—.

JY T f—23 1—— Useful for alto. The fingerings for these notes can be quite complex. T 1—3 Bb 1—— Eb. T —23 C —2—.

T D —23 Bb Eb. T Eb —2— 12—. T —23 C — T 1—3 Bb —2— Eb. T D —23 ———.