Hi Gang! Found another useful Retro computing PDF – this time it’s The AmigaDOS manual 3-in-1 reference guide from The AmigaDOS. The AmigaDOS Manual Bantam Computer Books Ask your bookseller for the books you have missed THE AMIGADOS USER’S MANUAL by Commodore-. Buy AMIGA DOS MANUAL 3RD ED (The Bantam Amiga library) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

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The CLI only gives prompts after executing commands that have run interactively. This includes the maximum size of the disk, the current used and free space, the number of soft disk errors that have occurred, and the status of the disk. In this way, you can set up a search command as an extended command.

It writes any error messages to the terminal, but does not produce any assembly listing. In extended mode, anything you type appears nanual the command line.

Unless you specify -V, messages go to the terminal. After this assignment, any programs that refer to SYS: All of the command files are located in the C directory of your master diskette.

Volume name a name you give mmanual a physical disk.

If the hardware configuration contains more than one disk drive, there is a process for each drive. Global variables can be set using the command SetEnvwhile local variables can be set using the command Set.

Full text of “The Amiga DOS User’s Manual – 3 In 1 Manual”

This means that if you boot with a disk that you had formatted by issuing the command: You may type a number of extended commands on a single command line. An Example Session 1.


If any match, AmigaDOS uses the values you specified instead of the parameter name. To do this, type the following commands: To copy the contents of one 3-V2 inch floppy disk to another.

AmigaOS Manual: AmigaDOS

If you cannot remember the directory in which binload was started, you must specify the full name. So, the following are all valid forms of the TYPE command: If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? What follows the semicolon is treated as a comment by AmigaDOS.

If you use slashes, you must know the exact number of levels back desired. If you want to amigaddos information about a disk that isn’t in your single-drive at the moment, issue the command as: Likewise, the following assignments are made C: To edit files such as these, you should use the editor EDIT. AmigaDOS is in general case-insensitive. AmigaDOS also has the feature of dealing with batch programming, which it calls “script” programming, and has a number of commands such as EchoIfThenEndIfValand Skip to deal with structured script programming.

AmigaDOS manual

The commands are entered through a special window, known as a Shell window. To issue commands to the new CLI, click within its window. The Amiga line of personal computers offers a unique combination of versatility, computing power, and usability. When you use EQ, ED asks you whether you want the exchange to take place.


Redirects the output of the ” dir ” command to the speech synthesis manuual. The parameter should be a number, specifying the number of seconds or minutes, if MINS is given to wait. In order to preserve backwards compatibility, there were no major structural changes. You can use the COPY com- mand to copy from one file to another.

READ recognizes Q as the hex stream terminator. To do this, you simply type the name of the drive where you have inserted the disk that you want to become the boot startup disk. It is possible, however, to read files. There are several different ways to create kanual CLI diskette.

When you create a file with a filename that already exists, AmigaDOS manaul the previous contents of that file. Examples of File Descriptions To gain access to a file on a particular disk, you can type its unique name, which is known as the disk’s volume name, instead of the device name. For example, to direct the output from the DATE command and write it to the file named “text file”, you would type the following command line: DATE tomorrow resets the date to one day ahead.

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