Catteau la Métaphorique des utopies dans la littérature Russe et de son Traitement chez Andrej Platonov. Revue des Études Slaves, Vol. 56 (No. 1) ( ). Stalin called him scum. Sholokhov, Gorky, Pasternak, and Bulgakov all thought he was the bee’s knees. But when Andrei Platonov died in. View the profiles of people named Andrej Platonov. Join Facebook to connect with Andrej Platonov and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power.

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Liuba insists she was unfaithful only once, and unhappily so: Sign in with Facebook Sign in options.

“The Return” by Andrei Platonov from The Return and Other Stories: Post Road #9

And does he sound more “normal” in the original than in translation? The deep emotion and sense of surprise that the story triggers in me, again and again, leave me in awe, and make this my anddej favorite story.

Busch elaborates on this wonderfully suggestive statement, but for the short-story reader, his elaboration is better left temporarily withheld. No other work of literature means so much to me. Well, it probably sounds less startling to Russians than it does to English and Americans. A novel can do this, sure, and can sustain the effect over a longer period of time. But how much more impressive to achieve this effect in twenty pages or less. The humor and pathos of Ivanov’s predicament draw the reader in; as the story builds, the humor gradually though not entirely recedes, while the pathos builds to an exquisite, excruciating pitch.

These works, with their implicit criticism of the system, drew official sanction, and although a chapter of Chevengur appeared in a magazine, neither was published in full. Grossman, Platonov and Shalamov, however, belong to a generation 10 abdrej 20 years younger. Virginia Woolf – Deniz Feneri -sayfa. But you’ve said that almost everything he writes is drawn from reality.

Andrej Platonov

See Wikipedia’s guide to writing better articles for suggestions. He is certainly difficult to translate. Things are changing, xndrej. SholokhovGorky, Pasternak, and Bulgakov all thought he was the bee’s knees.


One indication of how deeply many Russian writers and critics admire him is the extent of their generosity to his translators; I now have a platomov list of people I can turn to for help.

The Siberian Viktor Astafiev wrote in his memoir: Rate this book Clear rating 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. There were two reasons for retranslating it. Refresh and try again. For many decades it anderj impossible for a Soviet writer to achieve fame in the west except through a major international scandal.

Both are important writers, but they are not greater writers than Grossman, Platonov and Shalamov. Vasily Grossmanfor example, was a close friend. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Russian writers struggle to describe to non-Russian readers the adnrej of Platonov’s prose.

I don’t think so. Here again he is in a similar position to Grossman, whose words are carved in granite, in huge letters, on the Stalingrad war memorial, without acknowledgment of his authorship.

His work did not appear widely in Russia until the late s. The best stories ruin us a little bit, briefly paralyze and stun us, then make us take a long walk or take to our beds. Carnivalization and Populism in the Soviet Modernist Novel: Retrieved from ” https: He was exiled [ citation needed ]at the age of fifteen, to a labor camp where he contracted tuberculosis.

In the first type, food is relatively unimportant so that words belonging to this Petrushka, now twelve years old, has become the head of the household and a shrew.

All of them, at least for a while and to some degree, shared the hopes of the revolution. Platonov’s stories work on many levels. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. His only son was sent to the Gulag and returned home dying of tuberculosis, which Platonov contracted while tending to him. For the next few years, he worked as an engineer and administrator, organizing the digging of ponds and wells, the draining of swamp land, and the building of a hydroelectric plant.


But this game of make-believe had dragged on for a long time,for eternity, and nobody felt like laughing anymore. What’s certainly true is that I think we have a distorted view of Soviet literature. There is also some evidence that he may have been expelled for refusal to clean up others’ trash during an obligatory subbotnik communist work Saturday. In the second type, society has reached such an advanced stage of development that food is completely different and the words used to describe it emphasise its uniqueness and qualities, and in the third type, the plenitude of food is a reflection of the plenitude available at the time of writing.

Platonov started off as a committed communist, but was appalled by collectivisation and the excesses of Stalinism. It was not unusual around to see two or three pieces by Platonov, on quite different subjects, appear daily in the press.

His aim was to turn industry over to machines, in andgej to “transfer man from the realm of material production to a higher sphere of life. But that night, as Petrushka eavesdrops, the war veteran can’t stop himself from grilling his wife about the men she befriended during his absence.

Andrei Platonov: Russia’s greatest 20th-century prose stylist?

When Platonov’s son was released home he was terminally ill with tuberculosis. A-Z Author Challenge – 79 Dec 29, His last stories are very Platonov-like. In just one night of narrative time, it takes us through the difficult stages of homecoming: As a hammer andrj a forge, he is linked both to Stalin, whose sndrej means “man of steel” and to Molotovwhose name means “hammerer”.

Andrei Platonov in 39 age.

Although relatively unknown at the time of his death, his influence on later Russian writers has been considerable.