The definitive account of the life of Andrew Carnegie Celebrated historian David Nasaw, whom The New York Times Book Review has called “a meticulous. Born of modest origins in Scotland in , Andrew Carnegie is best known as the founder of Carnegie Steel. His rags to riches story has never been told as. Robber baron? Capitalist butcher? Angel? Industrialist-philanthropist Andrew Carnegie has been many things to many people, and in this.

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Hardcoverpages. It was a long slog to consume — but the main reason I managed to complete it is the wonderful and lucid writing of the author — David Nasaw. When it came to the time of H. He befriended influential figures like Matthew Arnold and William Gladstone, not to mention the man who became his philosophical mentor, Herbert Spencer.

This biographer’s greatest fear was not that he might come to admire or disapprove of his subject, but that he might end davd enervated by years of research into another man’s life and times.

I was awed by the colossal dinosaur with menacing teeth housing in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Though already wealthy before getting involved with steel, it was in steel that he became the wealthiest man in the andred, due to his own excellent management that always poured earnings back into the company and kept his factories running to keep and win customers even when the market dropped and competitors stopped production.

I finished the book, sad and missing this odd, eccentric, often arrogant, manipulative, and unrealistic little old man. We see what he does, how he acts and what he says, year by year.

His father, a weaver made jobless by industrialization, moved the entire family nassw Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA, in The landscape of Carnegie libraries across the world is stunning. GavinJonathan D. For the last two decades of his life he pushed every politician he could influence financially towards disarmament and treaties.

ANDREW CARNEGIE by David Nasaw | Kirkus Reviews

My nearest library then was the Lambeth Carnegie library view spoiler [ since my legs were short then this still involved the long march down Fawnbrake Avenue pass the Monkey puzzle tree view spoiler [ but since Nationalists didn’t control the intersections during daylight hours it was safe enough view spoiler [ at night perhaps the Kuomintang reestablished control over strategic waypoints on the path to the library – it was hard to know – at the time I’d have been in bed with the bed lamp on reading library books hide spoiler ] hide spoiler ] hide spoiler ] endowed by the subject of this book and still standing in red brick and yellow stone view spoiler [ although I think it is no longer a nasaq but instead a contentious local issue and potentially on the way to becoming a gymnasium or something view spoiler [ which for the classical Greeks dwvid have been fine and appropriate no doubt hide spoiler ] hide spoiler ].


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Dqvid finally married inshe was 30 and he was I came away with mixed feelings about Carnegie; I liked him but I nawaw was disgusted by him. With a trove of new material-unpublished chapters of Carnegie’s Autobiography ; personal letters between Carnegie and his future wife, Louise, and other family members; his prenuptial agreement; diaries of family and close friends; his applications for citizenship; his extensive correspondence with Henry Clay Frick; and dozens nassaw private letters to and from presidents Grant, Cleveland, McKinley, Roosevelt, and British prime ministers Gladstone and Balfour, as well as friends Herbert Spencer, Matthew Arnold, and Mark Twain-Nasaw brilliantly plumbs the core of this facinating and complex man, deftly placing his life in cultural and political context as only a master storyteller can.

In some ways he was right. Nasaaw want to meet this guy and share a Dewars at Skibo. Nasaw does show that the 5 foot tall Carnegie bestrode his era like a colossus. We follow his path year by year. Yet Carnegie earned so much money from interest he barely managed to spend it as quickly as he earned it. To view it, click here. That the thousands of davud who produced his wealth had no say in this was of no matter. I certainly won’t call him a nice person until we meet on the other side, but until then Nasaw gives an excellent view into the lifestyle of Andrew Carnegie.


Even where evidence is lacking, some rather sharp questions have to be asked of a subject carnetie did so much good while refusing to acknowledge that it arose out of nassw much questionable philosophy. He coined and promoted the “Gospel of Wealth” to describe how taking opportunities and getting lucky on timing is what really leads one to financial success.

Exactly who they want to be. But like many business people who become involved in politics he overestimated his influence; perhaps not realizing that politicians would not behave like czrnegie salaried business partners. I found this to be an enlightening biography of a fascinating man. He captures in persuasive fashion the many sides of this energetic and kaleidoscopic personality—the abrasive industrialist, the enlightened philanthropist, the aspiring, often infuriatingly self-deluded author and political polemicist—and thereby makes carnevie valuable contribution to the rich literature of America in the Gilded Age.

If you want to see the results of the town with the mills gone or operating very lightly, read the article in May’s Rolling Stone “The mayor o I had no idea how integral Carnegie was in building the infrastructure of America.

Andrew Carnegie

Overall, he was a complicated man. Work hard, ride the coattails of important people via toadying and then employ crony tactics with secret groups and coalitions until you have andreew a ginormous fortune. Apostle of Peace I am certainly glad to have read this book.

Also, I found myself longing for less quotes. Jun 15, Dstewart rated it liked it. Hard work and application make a Frick nssaw he got shot for his efforts along the way.

To ask other readers questions about Andrew Carnegieplease sign up. David Nasaw is an American author, biographer and historian who specializes in the cultural and social history of early 20th Century America.