AR Datasheet PDF Download – ROCm Single-Chip MAC/BB/Radio, AR data sheet. Data Sheet PRELIMINARY April AR ROCmTM Single-Chip MAC/BB/ Radio for /5 GHz Embedded WLAN Applications General Description The. AR datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format.

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The lower 2 KB of address space must map all interface registers. A variety of reference clocks are supported which include The MBOX has two interfaces: After these signals have been de-asserted, The AR waits for the host power enable signal to be asserted by the external host processor.

It has AHB interfaces from three Masters: The Atheros AR is the 2nd generation of the. The AR family supports 2, 3 ry and 4 wire Bluetooth coexistence protocols with a advanced algorithms for predicting channel in usage by the co-located Bluetooth transceiver.

Datasheet for Qualcomm Atheros AR

A variety of reference clocks are supported which include If there are any radio impairments arr6002 need to be corrected carrier leak, etc. The BB needs this fundamental clock together with several divided versions of it. This will gate off all clocks within the CPU core.


The Viterbi soft-decision decoder is contained within the VIT block, and is responsible for descrambling, deinterleaving, and decoding the symbols from the FFT. Building on the advanced performance and features of the AR family, the compact size and low power consumption of this single chip design make it an ideal vehicle for adding WLAN to hand-held and other battery-powered consumer electronic devices.

If not, an internal regulator can be used.

zr6002 The AR family is available in: For the 2 GHz operation, the transmitter is implemented using the direct conversion topology. When datashedt host clears underflow interrupt, mailbox FIFOs return to normal operation. The receiver is tuned to 2. For the 2 GHz operation, the receiver is implemented using the direct conversion topology. In addition, software may operate the SI in either polling or interrupt mode.

All interrupts can be masked by control registers. If the host status overflow bit is set, any mailbox Tx bytes that arrive from the host when the mailbox is full, are discarded.

AR6002 Datasheet PDF

If an external crystal is being used, the AR disables the on-chip oscillator driver. A 3V level is required to control front-end components like xPA or a switch, which are made of semiconductors requiring 2. The following nomenclature is used for xr6002 names: In deep sleep state, all high speed clocks are gated off and the external crystal is powered off.


A lower voltage, down to 3.

SSD30AG | Laird Connectivity

See the Host Interface chapter for a table listing interface type options. The Synthesizer can use several Xtals such as AR chips li Pr e in m datassheet th: Building on the advanced. The RTC block also manages resets going to other modules with the device.

See the AR block diagram on page 1. Minimum clearance of 0.

This CPU has four interfaces: The PCU also handles processing responses to the transmitted frame and reporting the transmission attempt results to the DCU. It is also possible to hold the CPU in reset until the host clears an internal register. The APB block acts as a decoder. A allowing optimal antenna selection on a per. When the host clears overflow interrupt, mailbox FIFOs return to normal operation.