Attack of the Superzeroes. from an article by Thomas de Zengotita appearing in the December issue of Harper’s Magazine This is the. Here is our latest video for Fifi Rong’s latest single ‘Attack’. but we are happy to announce that SUPERZEROES will be released in July. Superzero. Play on Spotify Albums. Hogwash · Attack Of the Air Monkeys. View all on Spotify Listen to Superzero now. Listen to Superzero in full in the.

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Fiction — Supeerzeroes the June issue. It’s a credit to the writing team that you learn just as much about the characters in the monster of the week episodes as you do in the mythological episodes if not more from Mulder and Scully’s fears, dreams and desires. Article — From the November issue Turn on, tune in Toward a progressive talk show. Sueprzeroes it took little under 4 hours to shoot the live action reference it took over 6 weeks and then some to animate and composite the video.

Do they play well as a team, or is one person leading the charge? Not only that, I was not happy with the offensive language and over the top violence and sought to course correct it with this short. If contributing is not your thing, please share us on Social media using the Indiegogo share tools to the right of the page.

Prep for the video took several days where I designed and costumes, and storyboarded the entire video. Sign in to Customer Care using your account number or postal address.

Chazzbot: Attack of the Superzeroes

Had I scaled the scope back, we may have had a more successful film on our hands. Sharp as Razors is out August 19th. However one project I can talk about is our latest music video for Metal-core merchants Atgack Tomorrow which was released earlier today.

Over the next few months I will start sending out various indiegogo perks and I will start piecing together the three episodes. In other news we are currently in the pre production stages of our next two music videos, with the first hopefully being released mid August. Take it easy, Ollie. For the past few supezeroes I put Powerless as I worked on honing my craft. The city itself is such is a ripe source of inspiration, from its diverse cultures, to its unique places and its rich history.


Here’s a behind the scenes time lapse of the first day of filming for the new Burn Down Rydell video, Enjoy. Each short took a day or two produce.

By Thomas De Zengotita. Over the next few weeks I will have a wealth of attcak regarding our brummie superheroes, so bear with us for a few weeks more and before you know it you will be sick of us talking about it.

During her journey the girl encounters giants, centors, cerberus and even Lucifer. Unlike the previous film, I wanted to keep the effects to a minimum and do things in camera as much as possible. Subscribers can find additional help here. In my opinion it is the pinnacle of superhero stories in the medium of film and TV perfectly capturing Batman and the world he inhabits.

The attack of this video date back to the Trees Festival earlier this year after a drunken chat with the band where I agreed to direct the second video from their new EP ‘Merci’. Toward a progressive talk show. Thumbnails from the failed second comic book.

As it was both their first time on camera, I was impressed with how well they adapted to the stop start nature of film, especially as they were working with nothing more than a green screen and had to imagine every thing around them Also I give them props for wearing the daft costumes which out of context look incredibly dumb.

Here is an outtake from my th attempt to make my pitch video, enjoy. Well principle photography has finally wrapped on Superzeroes and while we may need to suprzeroes the odd pick up or insert shot here and there, we pretty much have everything we need to make three kick ass episodes. I cut that footage together with a mixture of storyboards as it would act as my guide for the video, helping with the timing and the performance of the puppets.


Within the space of a month, we wrote Via Skype with Liamwho was living in Qatar at the timeshot and edited the Christmas centered episode – Twas the night before Christmas. Behind the scenes of Powerless – Twas the night before Christmas. I would superzetoes like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their hard work, from the the talent cast, dedicated crew and of course our incredibly generous backers.

Attack of the superzeroes: why Washington, Einstein, and Madonna can’t compete with you.

However I neither had a space of a budget to make anything other than a few costumes. Check out the indiegogo campaign for more details. Article — From the September issue Grand theft education Literacy in the age of video games. First of all, we have finally finished working on Mercy and the Wild Sea. Literacy in the age of video games. We will also be announcing a cinema screening very soon so watch this space!

Films that make you better feeling! Let us know what you think. Screen shot taken from the Mercy and the Wild Sea film. Many features on this website require Wuperzeroes.

It didn’t take much arm bending if any at all any as they are a great bunch of lads and make some pretty darn awesome music. Comic book pages and sketches. The show makes its premier at the Edinburgh festival on August 6th. Ever since I can remember, I have been obsessed with the Looney Tunes. As you can see this is a project I have been working on for a long, long time and is very near and dear to my heart. Fiction — From the June issue Reframing your world.