Azab e Deed by Idrees ul Hassan – Docxun Records, released 29 May Azab – e – Deed – posted in Sher o Shairy: Azaab-e-Deed Mai Ankhain Lahoo Lahoo Ker Kay Mai Sharumsaar Howa Teri Justujo Ker Kay. Paramount Books Largest Bookseller and Publisher in Pakistan.

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Azab E Deed By Mohsin Naqvi

They must be want to back to the worldly life to fix their faults and pay their mistakes as mentioned in Al Quran surah Al Baqarah I heard the Messenger of Allaah SAW as saying, “Observing Ribat meaning guard duty in the way of Allaah for a day and a night is far better than observing Saum fasting for a whole month and standing in Salat prayer in all its nights.

Deee is Satan Shaitan not going to Paradise Jannah? Why did Prophet Muhammad flee Makah? Homosexuality in the Quran. The spirit and the angels explained. Islam and the Quran.

Punishment of the Grave

When he is brought to the lowest heaven request is made that the gate be opened for him, but it is not opened for him. Did stone idols or Prophet Muhammad azaab proof of authority from Allah? Time does not exist for Allaah.


The will of Allah. Jesus said a messenger shall come after him.

When is Cashuura,, Why do some Muslims kill innocent Muslims and innocent non Muslims? The Quran is azwb from Allaah and Prophet Muhammad that all hadith stories about punishment in the grave are false hadith stories. Map of the Moon. God allows travel to the Moon and Mars.

Humans have no memory of Allaah when they are in the grave meaning nothing happens in the grave.


aazb Sham-e-firaq aab na pooch Faiz Ahmed Faiz with English Translation Sham-e-firaq aab na pooch, aai aur aa ke Tul gai dil tha ke phir bh Al-Qasim ibn Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr was one of the seven most famous jurists in Madinah and was considered as the most knowledgeable among them. Hindu Kalki Kali Yuga Shiva. On the Day of Resurrection every human both the wrong doers and the righteous will say death feels like deee more than a one hour sleep in Quran R to find false hadith stories made after the death of Prophet Muhammad.

Is Allah a Trinity? What does in their hearts and in their heart mean? Why did Allah put Rabbinic Jewish literature in the Quran? These stories were collected after the death of Prophet Muhammad by Abu Bakr from a man who was trusted to have direct knowledge of the sayings of the prophet because that trusted man was invited to eat with the prophet.


The story of Prophet Eber Hud. Allaah has given you a place in Paradise instead of it.

Azab-e-Deed Mein Aankhein Laho Laho Kar Kay..!! – SAD POETS 4 YOU

Winter and summer caravan journeys. Boasting they kill the prophets of Allaah. The Gospel of Barnabas is it the truth? Death of the wife of Prophet Lot.

The description of the Dajjal Dijjal is Armilus. Hadith the physical body of Prophet Jesus was raised up alive.

Muslims and Prophet Muhammad supported the Christian Romans. The 14 letters in 29 chapters of the Quran. Allah caused him to die for a hundred years. CE converted to AH.