Debunking this and many other commonly held beliefs about noise, Kosko gives readers a vivid sense of how deeply noise permeates both the world around us. The science commentator author of the best-selling Fuzzy Thinking presents a scientific history of noise for general readers, defining noise as. Neural network and ‘fuzzy thinking’ researcher Bart Kosko is briefly interviewed in this month’s Wired where he argues that adding noise to a.

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I found the quotes at the start of each chapter the most fascinating. Or that the actress Hedy Lamarr was co-inventor with a composer and writer kosok George Antheil of frequency-hopping spread spectrum communication, despite neither she nor Kosok having any formal background or experience in related fields.

Thus Spoke the Plant. They also get quite math heavy, suitable to someone with experience or interest in the field, whereas the book text is written for a lay reader.

No eBook available Penguin. Jan 24, Rossdavidh rated it really liked it Shelves: Kosko has a minimalist prose style, not even using commas in his several books. In noiseKosko introduced the concept of adaptive stochastic resonance[13] using neural-like learning algorithms to find the optimal level of noise to add to many nonlinear systems to improve their performance. Which noiss where I thought Kosko was headed with this book.


Bart Kosko

I like to ask researchers where they get their ideas. Retrieved from ” https: The result is a vastly entertaining and illuminating scientific journey that promises to nise for noise what James Gleick did for chaos—make it vital, fascinating, and relevant. You can read it here. The War On Noise 1.

This book is on noise, as opposed to signal, but taken in the broad sometimes metaphorical sense. Thermal Noise Fills the Universe 4. He begins with the bad: Wireless Signals can Hide in Noise Chapter 6: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Noise by Bart Kosko

Apr 22, Don rated it really liked it. Gaussian noise assumes that the random, background stuff is distributed like a bell, with a tiny bit of a flare. The result is a vastly entertaining and illuminating scientific journey that promises to do for noise what James Gleick did for chaos—make it vital, fascinating, and relevant.

But since that would represent an infinite rage of frequencies requiring infinite energy to achieve, it is an ideal. The subject that this book keeps lingering over, one I believe is an area of specific expertise for the author, was about stochastic resonance. Kosko’s technical contributions have been in three main areas: It’s a subject that is barf fascinating which I knew nothing about: Thanks for telling us about the problem.


Victor V rated it really liked it Jul 20, I thought it was very good, so i’m going to give it a solid 4 stars. He either spends too much time explaining simple concepts, or blasting through college courses in a paragraph. Randall Marrett rated it really liked it Apr 25, The Hacking of the American Mind.

Consider it bad branding: But not this book.

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Ottmar Ette and Julia Maier. Take long walks, meditate, watch a lot of movies, learn a new language, read different books, argue the other side of the debate noixe anything you can to vary your stimuli.