Starting a campaign soon and need advice about beastmen. Never played mordheim before so be as basic as you like, don’t presume I’ll know. Is there an errata anywhere for the Beastmen Raiders warband from the Empire In Flames document? As it stands, the equipment list is. We’re returning to Mordheim after probably a 2 or 3 year gap, and I’m trying something we’ve never used in Mord, Beastmen. So I’m looking for.

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I’ve always had my original hard copy and the rules review to hand if needed it. I’ll post the Malal Chaos Warrior warband if you’re interested! The lowlier breeds of Beastmen look to the Gors for leadership.

You should be able to do that within the first games easily. Talk Fantasy Football admin – ask if you have any problems.

Gor, dagger, dagger 37 Gor, dagger, dagger 37 Gor, dagger, dagger 37 Gor, dagger, dagger 37 warbane x Warhounds of Chaos 60 13 models, gc start. Because you want numbers try this: I will include a minotaur if I have the opportunity, of course!.

Mordheim was chiefly written and developed by former Games Workshop employee Tuomas Pirinen.


Beastmen are human-animal hybrids, both in body and mind. Joined Jun 15, Messages 1, Oh, and the Chaos Hounds were 60gc and kicked ass not warhounds in the guise of chaos hounds So, advice The movement of your warriors is higher to start as well, giving you a greater advantage for charging, and or trying to dive in and out of cover while playing a shooting army.


What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. A very bold choice in skintone, but it works well. Waarband, the Hide rule is your friend and your opponent’s worst enemy if he can shoot. First off is the chief, Gharbad Wifestealer. Mordheim, City of the Damned, is a ruined city – a place of nightmare and magic, where only the fittest survive. Get in fast and hard as you’ve got nothing to shoot back with.

I’m tried to vary the skin tones as a bit of a painting challenge and to make it more visually interesting. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Living Rulebook is with the Rules Review edited in iirc. The maximum number of heroes at the beginning of the campaign is mandatory, in my opinion.


Beastmen have a natural empathy towards Chaos which overcomes any hatred of any other races, leading to Beastmen warbands allying themselves to other Chaos armies, small bands even joining the warbahd of mutants geastmen renegades led by non-Beastman Champions of Chaos and fighting for them. Forums New warhand Unanswered threads Search forums. Submit a new text post.

Beastmen Raiders Mordheim Warband – Imgur

Joined Jan 14, Messages One weakness not shown on the chart above is thier leadership. Please login or register. Thanks guys, I’m glad you also like the skin colour I’ve gone with. Want to add to the discussion? Become a Warbqnd and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

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