Beije-me Enquanto Durmo Linda Howard Bertrand Brasil Ótimo!!! Nunca me decepcionei com qualquer livro da Linda Howard. Definitivamente ela tem o . Me beije rápido. Mas faça durar. Assim eu posso ver Mas você é tão hipnotizante. Você me faz rir enquanto eu canto. Você me faz sorrir enquanto durmo. Ele não se afastou enquanto continuava. o whisky (ou o vinho) me fez sussurrar. minha mente tinha sido em outras coisas. novamente. ela declarou: “Eu durmo a luz”. Ele não Não me beije como eu esperava que ele fizesse.

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Keeping laser focus on her task at hand while vigilantly watching her back, Mansfield never sees the lethal peril that lies directly in her path.

It was a favourite read because i did liked the way the author combined action CIA operatives,or ex-operatives and romance. Nonetheless, I am glad to make one now. CIA Spies 3 books. This is most beije-mme my favorite book by Linda Howard at this point! I have this paperback, but found the audio at the library and decided to give it a try. Yet he too is drawn into the game with Lily Mansfield, dancing on a tightrope as he tries to avoid a major international incident while still battling a tenacious foe who is dogging their every step.

For a enuanto there at the end I wanted to cry my eyes out!

I had to buy the book and was hooked on Linda Howard from then on. Just realized that this is the second time I have read this book.


I especially liked the details. But it was SO worth it! Not once do you ever get the feeling that any part of the book feels forced or starved for creativity.

Catch Me (tradução)

Lily Mansfield is an assassin who does work for the CIA. Can’t say I agree to every part of that sentence, but can’t say it isn’t true, also.

Howington, and two golden durmi. The action is there, the romance is there, and the ending is tricky and sublime She never once questioned who she was sanctioned to kill because she believed that if she was asked to kill somebody, then it was necessary for her to kill them A very good romance.

So, he has to deal with the situation that now exists.

Kiss Me While I Sleep by Linda Howard (5 star ratings)

Apesar de tudo, ele soube como beije-ne e teve muito bom senso no que se refere a Lily. My first choice of reading material is usually not one with government conspiracies or the CIA, but I have read quite a few I’ve enjoyed very much, and this one certainly goes towards the top of the list.

This book in particular kept me on my toes, and wanting to read more. This is my second favorite Linda Howard book After the Night being my first.

The story has some good twists. Lily is finally released from Rodrigo’s custody and then goes underground to find out why her friends were murdered. Very good, les I don’t know why a lot of people didn’t like this book. Didn’t remember it the first time but it must have some kind of pull because reading it a second time was great.


Howington is an American best-selling romance author writing under the beije-e Linda Howard. With multiple POV’s keeping the story fresh and suspense, I was hooked from the first page!!

Kiss Me While I Sleep

Honestly i was hoping to get a bit of action from the super-spy, even if just a teensy bit. Lillian has a debt to settle and she stops at nothing to settle up the score, but things don’t always work out the way we plan them to.

She’s gone off the reservation, a rogue agent bent on her own agenda. Though stress and shock have made her feel somewhat invincible and a little cocky, Lily knows that she too can be taken out in an instant. Apologies to my hubby for burning the midnight oil on this one After a lot of ‘cat and mouse’, Lucas finally tracks Lily down outside of the laboratory her friends bombed in Paris.

One I will keep and re-read for life! All I can say is WOW! Would recommend for a romance fan with a little action and spy play for good measure. Oct 09, A. AudioAbridged0 pages.