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That is solved with filter caps but in my case I did not need to filter as the output seems to be clean. It uses a Plessey IC that might be difficult to purchase. I’ve got 3 laptops and all are having the same issue.

D When adjusting the pilot tone level, do this with no modulation. You will notice that pin 19 is NOT connected to anything on the board, including the nearby empty pad. I used white 1″ PVC and followed the directions to a “T”. You would simply send me a self addressed envelope with a dime and I would send you several pf caps. I’ve used one of these transmitters going on three seasons and it works great!

Used transformer that put out 16v. If it works fine with the battery, then the ps is the problem. One end of the adjustment capacitor is soldered to a nearby ground point and the other lead directly to Pin 19 on the FM chip. Better late than never and no time like the present. The google trick with Silicon Chip doesn’t work for me anymore, I think they may have fixed the bug. The reason why some transmitters using the BH chip have the hissing is because the pilot is left to run wild so that at further distances the stereo transmission will still be received at those greater distances than it would be when the pilot is adjusted to standard.


For those going through the problems Without filtering, harmonics of audio will heterodyne with the 19kHz pilot and with the lower 38kHz sideband frequencies and create whistles in the sound.

It is an irreplaceable tool for troubleshooting and repairing electronic equipment by determining performance datasjeet health of electrolytic capacitors. At least for those who are going through so much trouble.

That would be most appreciated. Also if I leave it hooked up to my iPad and stop music playback there is no static. Does anyone have any idea what I just burnt up on this thing or how in the world I’m datzsheet replace it in 48 hours. Most of the people I’ve talked to that have seen the show have newer cars which probably have fancier radios to datasheeg the pilot tone better.

Try checking for continuity between legs of the antenna. Soldering to the lead is acceptable if necessary, of course.

Rohm BHFV FM transmitter

Posted April 29, After reading all the reviews here I thought this was going to be a good fm transmitter but currently it sounds 10 times worse than my moded tune cast.

As far as the datasheet is concerned, I have found it PNP transistor not working 2. Also note that there is one slot that has nothing soldered in its slot.

Secure the gh1415 with a dab of silicone or bh14415. My question may be very basic, so much so that it seems obvious. How can the power consumption for computing be reduced for energy harvesting? I hear ratasheet, RFB.


Another reason I put off “perfecting” the radio transmission until last. The suggestions could seem like engineering a full blown KW station. If the battery test eliminates the problem then use a different power supply.

【BH1415 ROHM】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 2018【Price】【Datasheet PDF】USA

The discussion mentions transmitters with the BH in general, and not directly mentions the FM Oh I’m also still getting the shhhhhhhh at the end of some words but if I turn it down anymore then it would almost be muted. RFB Now that we have the schematic, everyone can see where even very simple modifications can help prolong the life cycle of the unit and improve performance in a few areas.

Also, I found out this year that the adjustable fm antenna it comes with it crap too think your standard boombox antenna.

Some models are exactly like this, while others may have a foil trace leading away to daatasheet la land and goes no where or connects to anything else.

Looks like it’s necessary to solder the capacitor directly to pin 19 and the far pad.

RFB I’m not doubting that. Alright sorry it took a min, I had to run to my storage unit and b1415 a battery but phewww that seemed to clean the sound up nicely so now I need to figure out what all I need to get for the wall wart.