READ MANUAL FRST |. REAR DIFFERENTIAL & TRANSMISSION. FRONT DIFFERENTIAL. FRONT SUSPENSION. REAR SUSPENSION. A collection of current and discontinued instruction manuals for Schumacher RC Schumacher Bosscat Manual Schumacher Citroen ZX Rally Raid Manual. TEAM SCHUWAGNER RACING. PE Schumacher. INSTRUCTION. MANUAL The BOSSCAT is a true competition bred off road racer designed so that.

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Interestingly, the tolerances on the Cat are pretty tight.

Back to the Cat: No doubt you’ll get plenty of money for it. I serviced the diffs, put some new belts on the tranny, got kanual rubber shielded bearings all around, got new belt covers, and put hex screws in almost everywhere.

So I went back to the stock black plates.

Schumacher BossCat Instruction Manual

I remember building them when I was very young 3rd grade? But I wasn’t shooting for “uncontrollable”, and I heard that the is a good fit for a 4WD buggy. I decided on the instead of the or gosscat, mostly because this is an offroad basher. Any way it goes, schumacher from all my experiences with them were fantastic. Now that I had a new tiger body, the classic white wheels would not do. I cleaned it up, and this is how it stands today.

This just seals up better, and more securely. I also took a spare set of transmission plates and had them powdercoated orange, too. Then, a buddy of mine was running it and did a nice powerslide into a parked car, and ripped one of the rear a-arms out of the tranny housing.


See the inside of the hub in one of the pics here.

Ode to the Schumacher Bosscat. Their first venture that I’m aware of was the Schmacher C. I went and bought manuak set of Schumacher onroad tires, and had myself a street machine.

Find More Posts by Takedown. Send a private message to Lunchboxer. So, once I acquired the Bosscat in the above shown condition, I found it to be in good shape, with everything functional. I finally got moving on assembling the Tamiya DB01 Durga recently.

U Schumacher Bosscat Instruction Manual | eBay

My manul impression was: The TA05 chassis is like that mid-mounted motor, 2 belt system. Front and rear diffs bosscatt ball diffs, and you adjust the main belt front to rear diff tension by rotating the front diff. Eman77 Then, a buddy of mine was running it and did a nice powerslide into a parked car, and ripped one of the rear a-arms out of the tranny housing. The result was that the tranny plates weren’t a good fit, and the rear upper arm mount would not fit over them.

Schumacher Bosscat Manual by Rob Cousins | Photobucket

Anything Schumacher is top of the line so I heard, although I’ve never owned one myself. I don’t have good pics of this, but here are some from the manual.

I then pretty much free-hand traced out tiger stripes all over the inside of the body, vosscat cut it out with an exacto knife. I’ll try to provide pics later. You manua, Cats now and again in the US, but they’re pretty rare since they were stopped being made. MOre pics too, of course. Send a private message to Takedown.


It’s nifty, and I like it better than the traditional “lexan belt cover” design used a lot like on the Bosscat.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. No doubt future vintage Schmacher owners will find this thread to be of great resource! Basically, after high school and a long gap of no RC for meI got back into the hobby. Additionally, there are eccentrics on the rear diff too, so rotating them adjusts the belt tension inside the transmission itself. And by overkill, I don’t mean that I don’t want speed.

Talk about impossible parts support. I immediately fell in love. So I tore the bosscat down, and rebuilt it from the ground up. Hope you enjoyed reading! That is a very nice chassis and I would hate to get rid of a gem like that. Progress is slow, but I’m working as time permits. Not many Schumacher offroad threads in here So the dirt protection is a plus, but I won’t be swapping in different motors for fun unless I have a strong desire to.