High pressure screw plug (also called breech lock) exchangers are of the most reliable heat exchangers in the plant, it is very clear to me that. Threaded Closure Heat Exchangers. FBM-Hudson Italiana has developed design and manufacturing know-how to prevent hydrogen and high temperature . SCREW PLUG OR BREECH LOCK HEAT EXCHANGER (EASIER MAINTENANCE+SHORTER SHUTDOWN TIME = HIGHER EFFICIENCY) Presented by.

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This higher wall thickness of the channel barrel immensely shoots up the cost of the forging. And finally hot torqueing the exchangers after startup. Correct gasket selection; 3. The internal bolts are used to apply the seating load to the gasket at the tubesheet and shell interface.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset exchxnger. After traveling around the world helping facilities turn hest exchangers from chronic leakers from internal tubesheet and external diaphragm and B style shell leaks to one of the most reliable heat exchangers in the plant, it is very clear to that manufacturers, engineers and mechanics struggle to correctly understand the interactions between gaskets, internal pressure, the two circles of external push bolts that are part of A style exchangers and all the internal parts.

Screw Plug ( Breech Lock ) Heat Exchanger, Helixchangers, High Pressure :: Tema India

The tubesheet for the Breech-Lock heat exchanger is designed for a differential pressure. These exchangers are easy to operate and comparatively easy to dismantle and reassemble, which results in more reliable operation and shorter shut down time.


This significantly adds to hest cost and time needed to open and close these exchangers, as special equipment is needed to machine out the parts and weld them back together again.

This further resulted in expelling of the plug in an extreme circumstance, causing an explosion or jamming of the threads as was often experienced. This phenomenon can be logically understood and supported by calculations to heag that the combined bending and longitudinal stresses on the undercut surface exfhanger the threads produce a wedging action that results in radial displacement, causing dilation of the channel.

A special threaded ring hold the channel cover and contain channel pressure. Haresh Sippy, is just like a Fisherman who has to buy Fish! Designed and manufactured with the closest tolerances and highest attention to detail for reliability, easy maintenance and enhanced safety.

This resulted in bell mouthing in the threaded region thereby reducing the shear area of the threads, i. With the jig it is possible to open the channel, remove the internals, assemble and reclose of the Breech-Lock The exchangers in a very short time without need of heavy cranage.

Heat ExchangersHome. Click here to sign up. It can be seen by analysis that the magnitude of bending stress can amount to three times the average longitudinal stress in the undercut area. Therefore this dilation, that is a cause of reduction in shear area, has to be restricted by using higher wall thickness in the threaded region. The pressure load is absorbed by the threaded closure and the outer row of external bolts applies the seating load to the channel gasket.


Correct assembly procedures that focus on important steps including proper spacing of internal parts and obtaining consistent thread friction; 4. Help Center Find new research papers in: After the catastrophic failure that occurred in a high-pressure Screw Plug enclosure in Japan and subsequent failures that were witnessed time and again in several parts of the world, this design screw plug lost its significance to a large extent.

Detailed design has been improved and optimized over the years, even on minor details that can affect reliability and maintenance. Remember me on this computer.

FEA analysis carried out at TEMA INDIA

ecchanger You Might Also Like. Some manufactures have given up on trying to make these connections operate leak free, and prefer to weld in the tubesheets and diaphragms. Log In Sign Up.

The inner row of external bolts is used to increase the seating load between the tubesheet and shell gasket in the event of relaxation of the inner bolts.

Skip to main content. Lower capital expenditure, easier maintenance, shorter shutdown time means higher plant reliability, lower total life-cycle cost.

A spreadsheet that will easily analyze the critical variables; 2. TEMA INDIA decided to conduct an extensive research program to bring about key changes to make this screw plug heat exchanger design totally safe and free of maintenance problems. Dismantling and reassembling operations.