View and Download Zenza Bronica ETRS user manual online. single lens reflex camera. ETRS Digital Camera pdf manual download. Manuals and User Guides for Zenza Bronica ETRS. We have 2 Zenza Bronica ETRS manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual, Instructions. ETRS. 5X Advanced Broniew technologies for new imaging horizons! UUUUU. RIBES. LETTO m. El triu. BINIA BRONICA. ETRO. SORER. ZENZA BRONICA.

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The dark slide is inserted. Pushing the back cover opening button inwards in the arrow indicated direction opens the back cover and permits the film holder to brronica detached. The focusing screen can be exchanged, depending on the type of photographic work being undertaken.

Zenza Bronica ETRS Manuals

The shutter release button is locked with the locking ring. The electronically-controlled shutter will not work without loading the battery. To remove the film back from the camera body, insert the dark slide into the dark slide slit, as illustrated, with the 3 mark on the dark slide at the top end. Don’t touch the surface as you may leave manul.

A focusing screen with matte center plus full-area fresnel lens outside the center spot is also available. The focusing screen can be exchanged, depending on the type of photographic work being undertaken.

The shutter cannot be released, in the following cases: Therefore, first, rotate the film winding crank and cock the lens shutter. Depth Of Field Tables Furthermore, there manjal danger of the film back accidentally becoming detached from the body, should the dark slide be left in its slit while the camera is being carried.

Loading the Battery The electronically-controlled speeds of the shutter bdonica not work without loading the bat- tery. Therefore, continue rotating the film winding crank until the remaining film and all the leader paper is wound up on the take-up spool. The finder can be interchanged, with other optional finders, to match shooting conditions to photographic conditions Fully automatic Minimum Focus: Wipe the camera carefully with a well-wrung damp cloth, using fresh water, if the exterior is affected by salty air.


Thus, it is very convenient for taking shots in daylight manuak require flash fill-in, too. Then, move the screen removal lever in the arrow-indicated direction, majual illustrated. Simply shift the film back up slightly and pull it away.

Battery Singlevolt silver oxide battery Eveready No.

Zenza Bronica ETRS Manuals

The use of the multiple rbonica lever will, however, permit you to cock the shutter, in such instances. Weight 1, grams 2. The film back consists of a film holder and a film back frame, with exclusive film holders supplied for and roll films.

The lens release button is being etrw. After the 15th exposure of the roll film 30th exposure of the roll filmthe film winding crank will turn freely with further rotations.

If the green-colored battery check lamp lights up when the battery check button is depressed, the battery maanual loaded properly and there is sufficient power for electronically-con trolled operations. There is no need for strength or jerky action, which will induce camera shake and affect picture sharpness.

After the 15th exposure of the roll film 30th exposure of the roll filmThe same is the case with extension tubes and bellows.

Setting the Shutter Speed Dial. If you use Pay Pal, use the link below. After focusing in the normal manner, re-set the distance indicated by the green-colored distance index Seal the exposed film and return it to its original box until development.

Camera operations are greatly speeded up because a bright erect image, moving in the same direction as the lens, is observed for composing and focusing. Equivalent 35mm focal length: Thoroughly familiarize yourself with its working parts, before loading your first roll of film, and your pleasure in using the Zenza Bronica ETR will be even greater. However, the lever is locked to prevent accidental movement and must be unlocked for use.


Simply load up a new film back, with the required film, and go out bronida.

Zenza Bronica ETRS User Manual

First, remove the finder attached to the camera body. Furthermore, keep such batteries in an inside pocket. There are two spool holders on the film holder. Automatic Exposure Operations 1. Zenzanon E mm F5. Time T Exposure Time exposures are made with the time exposure lever on the lens, regardless of the setting on the shutter speed scale. Depress the shutter release button with the ball of the finger.

Depress bronca film back release button and the lower end of the film back can be removed, as illustrated. Both batteries have very good cold weather resistance. Simply rotate the focusing ring bronifa set the required distance opposite the green-colored index, which will adjust the lens for the required distance. Furthermore, keep the battery or batteries as well as the camera under cover, next to the body, and load the battery just before beginning the session.

The film can be loaded in the film holder, without detachment from the camera body, and should be loaded in the same manner as explained for the detached film holder. To get best results from your. Zenzanon E mm F4 Lens construction: