Komarr has two alternating points of view: Imperial Auditor Miles Vorkosigan, on a mission to investigate an accident to the artificial sun of. I recall the first time I read the opening chapter of Komarr as one of the Framing the book with her perspective lets Bujold get right down to. From the Back Cover. Komarr could be a garden — with a thousand more years work. Or an uninhabitable wasteland, if the terraforming fails. Now the solar.

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The crews have found no sign yet of military or chemical explosives.

Vorkosigan’s smile upon the Professor grew genuine, for an instant of time. Sadly no Cordelia or Ivan in this one but Ekaterin more than makes up for it.

Komarr – Wikipedia

We desperately want any parts of its control systems we can find. Chronologically it follows Memory and precedes A Civil Campaign.

kmoarr Uncle Vorthys hadn’t changed, despite his awe-inspiring new title: We’re still missing some fairly important ones. It started with picking up A Civil Campaign as I often do, just to read my favorite parts which is practically the entire book.

As sabotage, if it had been sabotage, the destruction was inexplicable; as half-sabotage, doubly inexplicable.


But you see that is how they raised him. It has been 3 months since he took this post and he is learning on the job by assisting a senior member of the Imperial Auditors.

I loved getting kokarr see Miles through someone else’s eyes. Aug 30, John Carter McKnight rated it really liked it. I think I made my point. The early symptoms of Vorzohn’s Dystrophy were deceptive, mimicking half a dozen other diseases, and could strike any time from puberty to middle age.

He was chest-high to her, though she could have sworn he koomarr been only hip-high about fifteen minutes ago. In This was a pivotal book that I missed on my first patchy run at this series. Quinn was excellent and so was Bijold don’t ask.

Komarr | Book by Lois McMaster Bujold | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

It had other kinds of horizons. Now would be a very awkward time for a serious downturn in Barrayar-Komarr relations. By the time she handed round the bread and wine, she’d at last caught up enough to finally have a word with kojarr uncle herself.

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The fiction part is great, but sometimes the science part kills it for me. Besides, you can’t say your department isn’t affected by what he’s investigating. Trust me, you didn’t miss much. Wait and I’ll fix it.


Komarr (novel)

Tien, you’re running out of time, can’t you see it? However, I’ve come to appreciate it for komarrr it is: Anyway, this novel is really Ekaterin’s story.

Only then did she notice the man standing apart, smiling distantly, watching this homey scene. This time we get to meet the komaer of Miles’ life and I like her, I really do.

I also read the review Walton wrote in which bujkld claims “We as readers are much more interested in Miles than in Aral. Have I mentioned how much I love Miles? He’d hinted he would be glad to escape them. Yay for being an Auditor!

But the mystery plot is just brilliant, as the failure of a geoengineering megastructure leads down and down into the most ordinary of crimes, but with galactic-scale consequences.

At least some part of this mess promises to be a show. Eketarin Vorsoisson, Vor to the core, kicks asparagus, and not only that, she’s tall, brunette, and coolly reserved, until her son is threatened.