Carlo Penco (born August ) is an Italian analytic philosopher and full professor in “Frege”, Carocci, Roma, ; Introduzione alla filosofia del linguaggio. Carlo Penco on WN Network delivers the latest Videos and Editable pages for News “Frege”, Carocci, Roma, ; Introduzione alla filosofia del linguaggio. carlo penco C Penco. International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Modeling and Using Context , Introduzione alla filosofia del linguaggio.

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CV Carlo Penco University of Genoa Department of Philosophy – PDF

Hai bisogno di aiuto? I claim that, contrary to what is normally supposed, a procedural view of sense may be compatible with model theoretic semantics, especially in dealing with problems at the boundary between semantics and pragmatics.

Un’introduzioneCarocci, Un’introduzione, Carocci,10 W. It will be helpful both to linguaggjo following a course in philosophy, and to those who jest wish to enrich their humanistic or scientific education through the basic notions of this discipline, which is one of the most noticeable features of our culture.

Elementi di Filosofia Del Linguaggio

Skip to main content. Male Date and place of birth: From the problem of the foundations of mathematics to the problem of meaning. Topics in Analytic Philosophy edizioni Mercurio, Vercelli, pp.


Please tell us which country and city you’d like to see the weather in. Even if it is grossly unfaith to the dog to think of it in this way, we cannot say that this makes the second sentence false. Clara Graziano Address private: I think that the deep tension between a cognitive and a semantic view of sense of a sentence discussed by Beaney onwards lies behind the contrast between Burge and Kripke.

Didattica aperta Piattaforma Mooc.

Open Research Archive Iris. However the option to choose instead the oral examination allows even the students less familiar with written examinations to seek a good final mark. Cinque per mille sostieni la ricerca.

I pencp philosophy at the University of Genoa and followed summer schools in computational linguistic at the Instit Software documentali di Terze Parti.

Dummett and the Game of Tarot more. Austin How to do things with words: In pnco I show how the two contradictory theses held by Frege are connected with different concerns, compelling Frege to a constant oscillation in terminology.


Wittgenstein, Turing and Symbol Manipulation more. Teaching Material and Supporting Activities. My aim here is to connect what is called a ” presuppositional point of view ” on pejoratives to the topic of prejudice.

Portale Web di Ateneo.

CV Carlo Penco University of Genoa Department of Philosophy

With some marginal disagreement, I think Eva has succeeded in filosfoia this problem. October More information. Pragmatic and Semantic Competence more. Many theories claim that these kinds of sentences simply project the presupposition triggered by the consequent, while other theories claim that they project a conditional presupposition.

Schools 0 Schools of Engineering leading to the degree of engineer or architect 9. Viale Spolverini, Verona, Italy. Degree from the University More information. Panu Anssi Kalevi Raatikainen.

This is why it is advisable to attend classes regularly since the beginning, with an active participation.

Venice, July 15, Nationality: In the second part I present the different answers to this paradox, from atomism to different forms of holism.