Welcome to the ICEM Shape Design AeroExpert User’s Guide! This guide is intended for users who need to become quickly familiar with the product. CATIA ICEM Shape Design AeroExpert is a dedicated workbench used for the creation and modification of surfaces within the aeronautical surface modeling. CATIA ICEM Shape Design Expert (IEX) offers an extended tool set which complements the ISD Center (ICM) product. This add-on module enables the creation.

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With this unique combination of sgape concepts, the product updates Class A-features automatically in real time, keeping them current throughout the design process. Upon definition of a topological area all modeling constraints, such as matching, and all features, such as fillets and flanges, will be automatically regenerated. Interactive shape deformation allows users to easily adjust their designs in all areas of the digital modeling process, from early design feasibility and variant comparisons to specific requirements in die face design.

Strong and consistent feature-based approximation capabilities are dhape across the creation capabilities within ISD Center to support quality of output.

CATIA – ICEM Shape Design AeroExpert

Providing advanced Surface modeling and analysis tools to help create surface lofted shapes to the highest levels of surface quality. Using advanced analysis capabilities users can analyze their components for Gaps and Levels to adjacent components, the flatness of a shape to ascertain potential manufacturing issues and the Head Impact analysis to meet Government legislation requirements.

In addition this product provides specialized Class A and dedicated Industry specific functionality such as Advanced filleting, Tri-Tangent filleting, Create Gap, Accelerated surfaces, Feature Modeling. Real time visual analysis However the task of shpe at the Part level the component meets the correct design and engineering criteria is often left to other design departments or other applications. In addition to the unique ease xhape use of CATIA V5, ICEM Shape Design Center offers a fast, keyboard free, surface creation and manipulation allowing designers to unleash their creativity and advanced surfacing skills while producing the Class-A surface quality of shapes required.

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CATIA™ V5 Portfolio – Dassault Systèmes® 3D Software

Dynamic reflection lines, highlight diagnostic and deviation analysis enables rapid convergence on production quality surfaces. ISD Center uses standard V5 associative techniques to manage related Class A constraints, such as matching, fillets, flanges, and profiles. AeroExpert addresses both the engineering and aeronautical needs by generating high quality smooth but simple surfaces whilst respecting strict engineering tolerances requirements.

Industries requiring industrial design will save iicem cycle time by avoiding data conversion between several systems.

CATIA V5-6R2016 drives higher Design excellence

Leveraging knowledge and experience of proven Technologies ISD Center supports explicit modeling methods, managed by 3D interactive tools providing comprehensive dynamic performance and direct shape control. Advanced Curve and Surface Modification tools: Very often Lofted surfaces require cahia level of quality that achieves a aerodynamic goal for smoothness and shape.

Provide advanced Class-A Snape modeling and analysis tools to help create aesthetic and ergonomic shapes to the highest surface quality. Fast design changes by automatically adapting parts and products to new contexts By using ehape website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our cookie policy.

Advanced real time geometry analysis tools: Associative and feature based modeling Advanced Curve and Surface Creation tools: This type of workflow is of particular interest in the early design theme selection process, where new variants can be quickly modeled for review and decision making.

Advanced data reduction and smoothing capabilities allows engineers to refine complex geometry to manageable data sizes improving system performance and user ergonomics yet maintaining data integrity and accuracy. Users can choose the methods in which to create freeform Curve and Shxpe, thus creating a flexible approach to facilitate rapid creation and modification techniques.


Delivers advanced Class-A Surface generation, modification and analysis tools Supports explicit and associative modeling techniques Intuitive and dynamic surface modeling techniques User quality control through Feature-based approximation Simultaneous real-time analysis Supports advanced ergonomic workflow through Parallel commands Propagates surface modifications to related topology Integrates Class-A and engineering surface design.

Providing advanced Surface modeling and analysis tools to help create aesthetic and ergonomic shapes to the highest levels of surface quality Class A. For the first time a Class A-surfacing tool takes advantage of the proven stability of the CATIA platform and its associative and history driven engines.

This add-on module enables the creation and modeling of aesthetic and ergonomic shapes using advanced global surface modeling and shape modeling capabilities. This modeling technique, using collaborative commands, greatly reduces the number of interactions ehape to obtain the desired shape.

High Quality surface generation Patch from Patches, Loft, Sweep etc Supports explicit and associative modelling techniques Intuitive and dynamic surface modelling techniques Advanced geometry management output capabilities.

Delivering advanced feature based curve and surface creation tools, users have the flexibility to design high quality lofted surfaces. This approach allows the user to immediately understand the extended impact of each shape modification as it is made.