LILY • Glazed Porcelain Origin: Italy Colors: Carbone • Pergamena • Madreperla • Optical Sizes: 50x50in Shades & Textures: Light #lily #glazed #porcelain #italy. Consult Cerdomus Ceramiche’s entire LILY catalogue on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/ Where to buy Lily collection tiles by Cerdomus Ceramiche. Ceramic.

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Dearest Dimi, Thank you, we love these Italian tiles too, they are very hard and great quality and the color is perfect and slip resistant too.

Cerdomus Tiles – CHEAPERFLOORS

In the past we had tiles put onto it but they were not very well laid. Of course we do have a special spot in our hearts for Italy, the country where we once lived and worked You have such a feeling ceromus beauty I adore this warm color, it’s really excellent and will have a great effect I think. It helps keep the temperature down inside the house. Dearest Claudia, We both love the way our balcony looks now and it will be gorgeous ones the balusters are on cersomus.


There is a thing called green curtain, which is made of climbing plants to cover outside the window. Terra cotta tegels zijn altijd erg mooi en warm. Linda July 12, at Zo’n Italiaanse sfeer of ook wel Caribisch met een mengeling van Spaans. DIMI July 15, at 6: Water had gotten underneath them and after frost, the grout had oily and even caused a moist ceiling in the storage room beneath. Oh, in The Netherlands and also in Germany they do separate the household waste very strict like that for decades already.

Alleen de bijbehorende zon en warmte ontbreekt hier een beetje Den Grund war lliy um alles mehr dauerhaft zu machen; ohne Wartung.

Lily optical SR

Posted by Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder at 7: I like the colour!!! All of us have to work on making our Carbon Footprint as small as possible. Grazie e anche voi due una domenica bella con sole.

Warm greetings Mariette and thank you for your very kind words. Jo-Anne Meadows July 13, at 9: Hugs and happy weekend!


Lily Corallo Sat. 50*50

Michiko Johnson July 14, at 5: I still have to do some tile cleaning but they are either wet or you get rained out Have a lovely week!!! Happy Sunday evening xox. I thought it was pretty neat: Na ja es ist geschafft und das braucht cerxomus nur einmal.

Funny that both of us drive such a favorite car and why get rid of it? Ayu Maselli July 15, at 5: Check out my google. The tiles are already laid by husband Pieter and we are just waiting for the Polyurethane baluster rails to arrive from Vintage Woodworks, Texas Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder July 13, at 3: Liebe Irmi, Wenn dieser Sommer vorbei ist dann sind wir bestimmt auch fertig mit alle Arbeit Follow my blog by Email.