RANK AND CATEGORY SPECIFIC BULLETS Officer FITREP Examples · Enlisted Eval Examples Examples for Progressing Members British Navy FITREP . Eval Bullets (Actual) ***RECOMMENDED FOR ADVANCEMENT TO CHIEF PETTY OFFICER*** **ALREADY PERFORMING AS A CHIEF, SELECT NOW!. Cpo fitrep observations. 1. CPO Fitrep Observations CDR Kevin Robinson; 2. Purpose/Method Slides that follow are a combination of a.

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Consistently displays outstanding loyalty, fairness, and determination. He received many accolades for the superb quality and accountabilty of all financial records. The Comments on Performance block has three main divisions which vary somewhat in size as needed: Master Chief Gardner has the presence, knowledge, and commitment to serve at the command level.

This resulted in the Tactical Operations Center, support facilities, and launch and recovery site becoming fully mission capable within seven days after arriving in Tikrit. Impeccable work ethic- He is extremely confident, highly ambitious, and an inspiring motivator.

As the leading force behind Aviation Radiological Inspection Facility, he developed an SOP that ensured flawless receipt, shipment and tracking of 1, aviation and surface depot level repairables. As Departmental Training Coordinator, oversaw the qualification of 5 PQS across 28 Sailors while leading one Sailor in the tracking and regional reporting requirements for Oil Spill Response readiness. Meticulously leads 23 Sailors in the operations of a 2.

Performing now as a SCPO. Led his troops in the identification and correction of discrepancies across 95 spaces. Expertly managed 13 highly skilled Sailors in the complex operation of a 2. Spearheaded the fitfep, rewrite and implementation of 5 enlisted and 5 pilot CNO approved syllabi. Routinely sought out to diagnose and troubleshoot the most complex Vibration analysis discrepancies.

Astute intervention as lead SK mitigated chaotic period of personnel turnovers and shortfalls. A natural leader with true deckplate leadership, remarkable military bearing and professionalism! Quickly established a culture of excellence amongst shipboard maintainers, repairing equipment that in some cases had not been operational for three years.

I unequivocally trust his sound, expert judgment in the defense of this chieg and crew. Chief Sinoc has an outstanding ability to plan, manage, and allocate limited resources, resulting in increased productivity and total mission accomplishment. His leadership and training has allowed WASP to be highly successful in all mission areas. His commitment to mission and crew is unwavering.


Burke says the system created “unwritten rules” and “grade creep” that have eroded the system’s effectiveness.

Navy CHIEF EVAL Program

Just as the introductory lines were a masterpiece of concise expression, the summary line s must sum up the impression the writer is trying to convey. Dedicated 6 hours to in rate training classes resulting in the advancement of two Sailors. By ensuring that six training facilities, 17 civilian employees, instructors and students are maintaining a safe working environment, providing a mishap free work environment. All Sailors within the department are fully aware of their abilities and afforded in-depth career information needed for advancement and success.

The most efficient way to get started is to brainstorm first.

All new evals and fitreps coming soon

Working with Iraqi investigators, police, and judicial officials, he helped teach the basics of criminal investigation and proper development of evidence-based cases, helping to bring legitimacy to Iraq’s vhief enforcement and judicial process.

Knowledgeable, resourceful, and extremely versatile, performing as an experienced Master Chief. The goal of the FitRep chife to accurately and completely describe a Sailor’s performance. He can be depended on to get the job done right the first time, every time.

Master Chief Brown is a consistent top performer whose ranking is only limited by numbers! We need more examples. Additionally, he is responsible for the curriculum, and testing for 4 other RIB training sites. Senior Chief Mlinaric is a proven leader and manager, who succeeds at the most difficult tasks. The introduction, the first two or three lines in the Comments on Performance block, is where this is done.

That includes the ratings modernization announced last fall, the push to de-emphasize or even eliminate the written test for enlisted advancements and possibly even changing the pay system to include merit-based compensation.

Absolute must select to CPO!


Provided invaluable guidance chieff Junior Officers and Chief Petty Officers in proper personnel management and counseling procedures. Responsible for synchronizing eight duty sections encompassing 1, enlisted personnel and coordinating three chiff training assignments for a successful FPIA. BMC Vines is an advocate of tradition, loyalty, and strong naval service.

Selected as Acting Department LCPO over other senior personnel to ensure his person department maintained the highest level of mission readiness. The Summary The Summary: Possesses an excellent working knowledge of the Ordnance field; however, his lack of oversight, leadership and inability to communicate caused him to be relieved of his duties as the LPO.

Eval Bullets (Actual) | Navy Tribe

He displays outstanding determination and stimulates others to excel within them. If you are a supervisor, “you have to be able to write in code,” Burke said. ITCS Jackson is a seasoned leader and administrator.

Updated critical chhief to 45 lessons for the addition of 86 series Avionics Operating Program software. The aim is to eliminate the unwritten rules that reward seniority over merit.

Navy Writer

Known as ship’s historian for outstanding written and spoken pieces on such topics as Naval Birthday and Bicentennial Celebration of the War of Driving force behind AIMD’s success during Aviation Maintenance Inspection, resulting in “32 of 35” programs being graded as “On Track” and 58 of 59 practical drills graded satisfactory with no major discrepancies.

The new system for performance assessments will end the current practice of using paper-based documents and scanned copies. They are an indication of the subject’s ability to learn, progress, manage, and lead. His experience, mentorship, and vision led to 15 Seamen being rated and advancement of two BM2s.

Current onboard procedures resulted in best practices for fleet-wide use. Committed to excellence in every endeavor, CWO4 Gaine’s leadership, managerial and technical knowledge makes him an absolute front runner for CWO5.