Anyone who’s read this site over the last few years knows of the high esteem in which China Miéville is held around here. I think he’s probably the most important . China Miéville’s Bas Lag series is somewhat unique in the realm of fantasy literature in that it keeps me coming back for more over and over. Following Perdido Street Station and The Scar, acclaimed author China Miéville returns with his hugely anticipated Del Rey hardcover debut. With a fresh and.

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New Crobuzon itself is a city to explain all cities. Steven Poole reviewed the book for The Guardian and suggested that “in comparison with The Scarsuch ideas are fewer and less indulgently elaborated.

Iron Council by China Miéville

I agree with the review, and find myself amongst those who loved the ending. One is that it carries the Revolution, arguably jieville a vehicle for Marxist historical materialism.

The capitalists of New Crobuzon are pushing hard. In fact I barely noticed at one point when one major character died. Although I thought the end was strong and miieville, it didn’t make up for all of the non-engaging passages that had come before. You were never our augur Judah. Ieon a reader review Thank you for taking the time to write a review on this book, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect book.

He’s clearly an immensely talented writer, and I’ve enjoyed the occasional essay by him.

View all 44 comments. And the third is Ori, a young revolutionary on the streets of New Crobuzon, whose anger leads him into a militant wing of the underground, plotting anarchy and mayhem. The metropolis of New Crobuzon sprawls at the centre of its own bewildering world. View all 3 comments.

Iron Council – Mieville China

Rebel organizations fill the streets of New Crobuzon, to debate, plan, and put into motion some way to subvert this despotism, midville end the bloody, meaningless war with Tesh which is bringing home their soldiers maddened and horribly disfigured.


Certainly the weakest of the Bas-Lag novels, although in some ways it was probably the most creative. Cutter, whom the reader joins at the novel’s opening, was a friend, disciple, and lover to Judah during Judah’s return to New Crobuzon.

Not one of them is terribly compelling or sympathetic. The perpetual train is significant at two metaphorical levels. The book’s problem stems from the fact that it keeps jumping between several different characters’ perspectives and you have to rev up your interest each time it jumps.

The Perpetual Train 71 33 May 16, It is rumoured there is a train called Iron Council that wanders the wastelands, laying track before it and pulling it up after, populated by workers and escaped prisoners.

Iron Council by China Mieville

For now, I suppose some will be content oron this minor tale of political revolutionaries both within the city and in the countryside around it. In Railsea, we meet with his own land-bound version of Moby Dick’s Pequod.

The ending’s deferral-of-a-difference, a chiasmus of difference-that-defers, is a slick Derridian joke, for those who like that stuff, incidentally. Iron Council 14 31 Mar 10, I’m very ambivalent about the fate of the Iron Council and the ending of the book.

Through much of the book, I wasn’t quite sure who was talking or exactly what was ironn.

It can move towards and across any frontier. I’m not sure, and I don’t care. How I wanted to read something different, something I could say didn’t rank equally with the other three novels by him that I have read?

Iron Council (New Crobuzon, #3) by China Miéville

He felt as well a sense of his own failure, that he was letting down Judah. Their fight is no less bloody and heroic than the railway secessionists.

Each one has a particular theme and set of ideas it tries to explore. It was the workers against the corporation. Full of warped and memorable characters, coubcil violent and intensely chima novel smoothly combines elements of fantasy, science fiction, horror, coubcil the western. Much of what ensues is typical of this sort of novel, although it’s focused much more on the struggle of the oppressed versus their oppressors, as opposed to the political backstabbing and intrigues that sometimes become the focus.


Whether we were right or wrong, it was our history. Personally I prefer his one of SF excursions like City and the City or Embassytown but I must admit that this novel chna be the most serious and thoughtful I have seen him so far. It’s not exactly a “happy” ending It nevertheless defers judgment on the issue of which internal socialist tendency is superior.

And the ending is as poignant and as fitting the story as it is unsatisfying. Indeed, one of ieon conceits of The Iron Council is that these fugitive railway workers are constantly tearing up the track behind them and laying down new rails before the train.

Gonna drop all three of these on my iPad tonight and get started with Perdido street station. Heroically clutching at his head and magicking ever more kron monsters out of thin air, the engine of the story and its deus ex machina, he finally arrests his perpetual train in a moment that is at once a narrative cop-out and a rather beautiful image.

Recommended for sinistrals, fans of subversive puppet shows, and committed golemetrists. In The Scar, there was a shift to the vagrants, pirates, the runaways with unseen ye I don’t think I’ll ever read a trilogy like New Crobuzon NC hcina.

The same can be said for Mieville, the author. The Tower coubcil Babel is the greatest marvel of the Silk Age. While not as complete in its grotesque beauty as Perdido Street Station, Iron Council is nevertheless a strange and wonderful story, though I do hope Mieville revisits Bas-Lag in the future, and perhaps gives some of his cast, and indeed the whole society of New Crobuzon, a little mievklle by way of a future, since however it resolves, I can’t deny that Mieville has created a world I care about populated by vivid characters; some of whom I have come to love.