cMoyBB’s power input jack allows you to power the amp from your desk. New Bass Boost cMoy v Headphone Amplifier; Free 9V battery (with standard. Lucid Labs CMOY amps are stable for headphones from ohms. * Vishay Low Tolerance Resistors * Panasonic Film Capacitors * NJM op amp. On a shoestring budget for an amplifier to boost the sound quality from your high- end headphones? The CMoy headphone amplifier is your.

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Why use a headphone amplifier? The output power coming from most devices is inadequate to power larger hifi headphones. You can help Wikipedia cmoh expanding it. Their customer service and support is equally awesome.

CMOY Headphone Amplifier — Lucid Labs

Reward no longer available 10 backers. The higher current capabilities of the make it a much better choice for headphones under 75 ohms. Just gonna hang out in my office with headphones all night. It’s a way to bring creative map to life. Does not charge batteries. Optional charging support also provides convenient, integrated 9V NiMH battery charging.


CMoy – Wikipedia

Many virtual ground circuit options are presented in the various CMoy tutorials found online. Even was caught off by the esd bag it was contained in. Reward no longer available. Questions about this project? Features of the cMoyBB v2.

Big-time bass from your pocket. No matter where in the world you are, these guys will xmoy great care of you. Check out the FAQ. Legendary, customized bass boost. It really opens the soundstage and makes audio fuller with my AKG s. Ideal for portable use of most headphones.

CMOY Headphone Amplifier

The Cmoy headphone amp is just such an example In short, it map as if a veil has been lifted. All our amps and dacs are covered by a 2-year transferrable warranty.

We are also offering a lower gain option 4X for those with lower impedance headphones. Switched on, bass increases up to 9. Customized 1x9V cMoyBBs produce higher output current, which is useful for driving low impedance headphones.


Potential risks and challenges include quality control issues, unexpected costs, production delays. I’ll be back for any possible audio needs” Daniel W. Drives some serious headphones like a champ.

About Lawrence, KS Sound. Views Read Edit View history. This version comes complete with a JRC Op AMP with a 4x gain setting and dual tle rail splitters for use with lower impedance headphones.

We started producing the standard CMOY design but later saw the need to upgrade to a TLE rail splitter virtual ground power supply. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Purchased a couple devices from JDS.

Glad my research led me to this small company with reasonable pricing, solid cmpy. No more hiss with my new O2 headphone amp from jdslabs.

Start with a good clean source with high quality audio format and you will not be disappointed.