Disclaimer: CNC Concepts, Inc. accepts no responsibility for the use or misuse of if you could send me a list of the benefits between using G96 instead of G Constant Surface feet spindle speeds – G96, G97, G77, G To use the following codes the OmniTurn must be equipped with a spindle control package. TwinCAT CNC Axis Commissioning G97 Deselection of constant cutting speed , selection of spindle speed (modal, default) Using the G-functions G96, G97 and G, the interpretation of the S-word (or S-strings) can be optionally changed.

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Poor workholding setups – Since speed in rpm is difficult to determine when working in constant surface speed mode, it should only be used when making adequate setups.

CNC tip: The benefits of constant surface speed

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. When it gets to the centre your spindle is flat out so the G50 becomes crucial. As the tool rapids to a smaller diameter, the spindle speed will increase in rpm.

I had my own shop after that for 6 years, went to work for other shops for the last 4 years and now Im back on my own again. I made a video a while ago to explain CSS. Posted December 7, I’ve only programmed Haas lathes and I’ve always gotten the following code: When a manual machinist is exposed to constant surface speed on a CNC turning center for the first time, the spindle will probably appear to be running much too fast most manual machinists cannot run at optimum spindle speeds for obvious safety reasons.

I had read an article sometime back in your newsletter on this subject but I cannot remember which issue it was in. Out of round workpieces – If you machine a lot of castings or forgings or any other kind of workpiece that doesn’t run true in the spindleyou must be very careful with the constant surface speed mode.


Siemens SINUMERIK 808D Programming And Operating Manual: Constant Cutting Rate (g96, G97)

This is a surface speed. Cbc can cause the workpiece to be thrown from the workholding device. With manual lathes, there is no such thing as constant surface speed.

On a machining centre our cutter is always revolving at the same speed so the feed can be constant in mm per minute. I find it peculiar that someone asks a question and suddenly his knowledge is questioned, as if everybody here knows everything and was born knowing. Minimal diameter changes – If you are machining but one diameter on a workpiece, or if there is but a small difference from one diameter being machined to the next say, under 1 inch of diameter changeconstant surface speed will not help you much.

If working in the high spindle range, the spindle will run up to its maximum.

But you must remember to use it and know the maximum rpm a workpiece can be rotated without vibration. I thought it was the BTR but it tested ok. Guess my question can be taken a few different ways. To program around this problem, most programmers will temporarily switch to the rpm mode just before the rapid motion to the tool change position, using a speed in rpm that is appropriate for the next tool’s first position.

Originally Posted by MJR7. I started making molds with my dad in the mid 90s. Everything must be done in rpm.

This constant increase and decrease in rpm not only wastes cycle time, it wastes electricity and causes undue wear-and-tear on the spindle drive system. And if, for instance, you program the cutting tool to go to the spindle center in X, as is done when facing a workpiece to center, the spindle will run up to its maximum speed in the current spindle range.

If you work exclusively in the constant surface speed mode, the spindle will always be rotating at the appropriate speed – matching the diameter the cutting tool would be cutting.


G96 & G97 on lathe. – Industrial Forum –

If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy. Most B97 turning centers use hydraulic three-jaw chucks that can supply the gripping force needed to run at maximum speeds. In all cases, the reader is totally responsible for considering the implications, good and bad, of implementing one or more of the techniques we show. I know what the G50 and and G97 are or dobut I’ve never been sure about what the G96 does.

There are at least four benefits to using constant surface speed mode for appropriate applications. On a manual machine you have to compromise. But if workpieces are at all out of round, the vibration set up by running g79 fast can be very dangerous. For Fanuc controlled turning centers, G96, of course, specifies constant surface speed mode, while G97 specifies rpm mode.

That helps, but it makes me realize that I should also have asked about the G We are a small machine shop located in Ohio. There are many converters online that you can use for this and I do recommend their use. I have been trying to get the guys on the floor to use G96 for these parts but they have always programmed with G G96 S M3 Your machine would start up at a surface speed of metres a minute. But if you’re workholding device cannot grip with adequate force, of course, you cannot run at optimum speeds.

G7, this causes the tool to create a consistent finish throughout the workpiece.