To a Mountain in Tibet [Colin Thubron] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Colin Thubron is the intrepid, resourceful and immensely talented. There is a telling moment in one of Colin Thubron’s early films. He is travelling with a BBC crew along the Silk Road in China when he. Colin Thubron joins these pilgrims, after an arduous trek from Nepal, through the high passes of Tibet, to the magical lakes beneath the slopes.

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He was, at the time, in his late 60s, and the only surviving member of his family, having seen his father, sister, tobet mother all pass. Over his lifetime, he has written a number of well-received books describing his travels in Asia and the Middle East, beginning with publication in of his book, Mirror to Damascus.

Nothing is total, nothing permanent—not even he. An Epic Love Story of Tibetis described in cringing detail. Thubron has a great talent for describing not just what thjbron sees, but the impact of what he sees. If he ever does though, I’ll be first in line to read that book.

To a Mountain in Tibet

He has written yet another excellent book. Mostly it was to savor the writing, the feeling, chewing a morsel very slowly in order to extract all possible deliciousness. Those who come from lowland southern India are often the worst affected, sold cheap trekking tickets by unscrupulous tour operators who make no attempt to give them the time to acclimatise properly.

For him, his journey, his kora circumambulation of pilgrimage is for his mother, and while he touches on it a few times, he certainly doesn’t overshare, or make the book about his mother.

Buddhists and Hindus walk clockwise around the mountain, Jains and the Bon walk counterclockwise. It makes me sad when I read about it. Open Preview See a Problem?

Digressions sometimes made it hard to grasp the nature of what was happening. These are at least partially fueled by a recent personal loss. He has tried to write about every possible detail of Tibet jumping from one topic to another.

I libri di viaggio mi piacciono quasi sempre. View all 3 ln. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The people here face hardships unknown to most, admit that these wear them down, and yet say they are happy. Demchog, in his amalgam of compassion and nothingness, may appear to Western eyes a cruel god.


A great number punctuate this latest journey, furnishing the creaking prayer wheels and fluttering flags indigenous to Tibetan mounhain. And his economical prose seems perfectly suited to describing the barren landscape around Mount Kailas: But on from these lower reaches, Kailis’ s peak rises sacrosanct.

To a Mountain in Tibet by Colin Thubron – review

Felt at points I was supposed to buy into the family tragedy in much the same way that Dickens gave us poor Nell to boost his readership. Return to Moountain Page. The informative quality of this book was important for me, oclin I was ignorant about many presented issues but it was Thubron himself that made this book special.

We’re offered insights into the mystical land of Nepal and Tibet as well as the infinite and venerated customs and beliefs of those who seek nirvana.

It leapt forth unexpectedly, to great effect, in the memorable first line of In Siberia The book gives one the flavor of the difficulty of such a trek, the range of personalities and nationalities one can meet, and the cloud of Chinese intimidation and control, even during the most religious of ceremonies.

Thubron notes their happiness without ever offering insights into it.

To a Mountain in Tibet by Colin Thubron: review – Telegraph

Monday 31 December In Chinese-controlled Tibet, the mountain has never been scaled, but pilgrims walk around it as an act of devotion, and to seek favor from their gods. And yet, the thuron, at least as he recounts it here, does offer a kind of resolution.

Firstly, I took part in a meeting with him a few years ago in Warsaw. To a Mountain in Tibet tells the simple story of a secular pilgrimage to the sacred slopes of Kailas in the western Himalaya.

It is the poignant evocations of his mother and sister who died at 21interwoven with his profound respect for ho Tibetan culture and landscape that make Thubron’s memoir an utterly moving read.

The mountain is considered holy by two among the world’s biggest faiths – Hinduism and Buddhism. The trip is also as much an internal as an external pilgrimage; Thubron took this trip some months after losing his mother, his last immediate relative.


Buddhists interpretations of the soul, the sometimes sordid and almost always confusing reality of the temples cannot help Thubron understand his place in the world, or the meaning of death.

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I was even turned off from the poetic aspects of the writing, some sections were not much more than batches of word soup, and he treads dangerously close to exotification. Trivia About To a Moyntain in Few beliefs are older than the notion that heaven and earth were once conjoined, and that gods and men moved up and down a celestial ladder — or a rope or vine — and mingled at ease.

Isolated beyond the parapet of the central Himalaya, Kailas permeated early Hindu scriptures as the mystic Mount Meru. Onwards to Manasarovar, square miles of water at 15,ft, a full-blown paradise in the sixth-century Puranas and dolin the holiest of the world’s lakes.

Only their religious beliefs give apparent meaning to the limited number of years and opportunities allotted them. Living on the summit are Lord Shiva, and his consort Parvati. Misschien was het de confrontatie met zijn eigen sterfelijkheid die hem op expeditie zette naar de heiligste berg: The continents of the world radiate from its centre like lotus petals on a precious sea Humans occupy the southern petal and its slopes are heady with the gardens of paradise.

At half light, a herd of goats canter through, each carrying a saddlebag of salt and capering to the whistles of Humla buccaneers in conical caps. In t ways this was a monutain, but not so much in others. Jan 03, Ridhika Khanna rated it liked it Shelves: Ksilas is believed to be where Buddists and Hindus believe where earth and heaven are joined, where sanctity replenishes the earth, where gods reside Including Shivaand inside thhubron which is a heaven-connecting rope dow This memoir is about the author’s pilgramage to Mt Kailas 22, feet to reflect on his mother’s death.

He tells a monk that his understanding of Buddhism is that, at death, everything tthubron shed.