Communion has ratings and reviews. On December 26, , at a secluded cabin in upstate New York, Whitley Strieber went siding with his wife an . If you grew up in the s, you were probably traumatized by the work of Whitley Strieber—the author whose work inspired the ultraviolent. Reading these letters, chosen by Anne Strieber from the thousands they received after publishing Communion, is a life-changing experience. Now available for.

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United States of America. I slept with the light on for months. Don’t miss the magical, virtually unknown Whitley Strieber masterwork. US Navy research physicist.

I feel like a little bit of a jerk, by calling him out like this but, I have spent a lot of time researching credible paranormal events, a If Stieber had felt this supposedly true alien abduction story was in any way factual, then I would have given it five stars.

Will they be destroyed by the modern world, or will their magic prevail?

Beyond COMMUNION: The Strange Case of Whitley Strieber

Even though I really have no opinion on such things I thought it necessary to at least have read this very often referred to account of an abductee. I could easily have gotten up and read a book or listened to the radio or gone for a midnight walk in the snow. This is the underlining problem for the hardcore believers, as well as the hardcore skeptics. Watch for the SyFy series in ! Andrew Strieber John Dennis Johnston As to the specifics of that role, he is uncertain….

The author clearly believed that what he experienced was real and from there made a concerted effort to present facts and statements to support his belief rather than to draw objective conclusions, which is precisely Honestly, I don’t do the whole aliens thing at all, but the cover of this book used to freak me out as a kid and a bit residually as an adult so I decided to see what was inside.


stridber Otherwise, I’d skip this one, It is a mixed bag Aug 29, Evan rated it did not like it. Did his early horror novels in some way predict what would happen to him in ? The crux of the book revolves around retellings of vaguely remembered “occurrences” from years past or childhood.

Communion: A True Story by Whitley Strieber

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Later books have less story and more ramblings. I have read the book and seen the movie and wasn’t disappointed by either. I did not expect to hear the response she gave me! The book is a page turner but more importantly his thinking, philosophizing and meditations on his experience take you beyond the sensational and controversial aspect of the subject matter into deeper meditations and thoughts about our psyches as individuals, as a race, as beings of history and the universe.

Communion: A True Story

Was this review helpful to you? Edit Did You Know? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We spend more than half of our time at the cabin, because I do most of my work there. Whitley Strieber is the author of the Communion series of books and many novels ranging from the Wolfen and the Hunger to the Grays and his exciting new Alien Hunter series. I spotted them and then asked mom if she saw it too, and she did. The first one was near the cliffs actually hiding above them at times outside commuhion Warm Springs, Oregon on a clear blue sky day.


Why has he not done this? Mom and I both saw the first 2 UFO’s while dad was driving. Even further “proof” is offered when Strieber’s wife is hypnotized and basically proceeds to say she remembers very little to nothing about her husband’s alleged events as well as stating she thinks he has a mental problem.

Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. I also believe it is wrong for anyone to claim it to be total B.

I feel like a little bit of a jerk, by calling him out like this but, I have spent a lot of time researching credible paranormal events, activities, and sightings.

It does seem a big coincidence that he happened to write horror novels before this book, one about werewolves, and one about stieber. Available now wherever books are sold. To ask other readers questions about Communionplease sign up.

That being said there is a fear that they, those watching us, can reach out to to any one of us any where, anytime. Regardless of your personal beliefs about aliens, this book is well written, communiln paced and quite riveting. Probably the best first hand account with supplemental information for fact-checking of the author’s encounters with a UFO and with missing time.

I devour the book in a couple of days and during the read I got what can only be described as a Flashback Suddenly I remembered being with a pal at age 11ish standing on an Orkney hilltop in the night watching huge glowing red orbs pass Sometimes you read a book that changes your life.