For mission-critical applications where reliability is paramount, or when the cost of printing is a concern, the Compuprint is ready to support core business . Buy direct from the leader in Compuprint! Compuprint is in stock at SINCA – Printers, Parts, Supplies & Repair Services. Call !. The Compuprint dot matrix printer prints up to characters per second on up to 8 part forms. Get a quick quote. Find specifications. Ask experts.

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Open the upper printer cover and fix the print head and the bail with the fixing strip. The Controller Board is correctly seated in the printer when the Controller Board metal plate is aligned with the back profile compupirnt the slot.

Passing over to the Power-On Configuration At this point of the setup, it is possible to pass over to the Power On Configuration functions setting.

Host Computer Connection This printer can be connected to your host computer via different available interfaces on two alternative controllers.

With the help of another person move the printer onto the transport foam on the transport pallet. The possible interfaces are: Slide and insert the ribbon guide between the print head and the ribbon guide mask holding 1030 perpendicular to the print head.

Main Structure Print out? Unscrew the two fixing screws. For Commercial information Contact us. If installed, reposition the Front2 tractor in its initial position.

Compuprint 10300 Dot Matrix Printer

Selecting this item, the print head must be adjusted manually. Page 41 Selects the font to be used with the currently selected pitch. Download the Datasheet english version. Program Configuration or Power-On Configuration. It is important to use the correct paper for obtaining the best performance.


Make sure that the printer is turned off. It provides an excellent solution for mission critical printing needs, even in harsh working environments.

Compuprint plus combines performance and ruggedness of a Line Printer in a smaller layout. The default value is 1 sec. Tear off the comuprint and press again the key. Page The printer will 103300 the print head to the vertical position established before turning on Oversize modes at the completion of printing of the current barcode symbol.

To check the Tear-Off Position proceed as follows: With its fully integrated network capability, and its unique and optimized choices for quality and speed in graphics mode, Compuprint provides an ideal, innovative solution for industrial printing requirements of macro-characters, bar-codes, and preprinted forms printing. Emulation Options This setup defines the available options according to the selected emulation compupring is structured as follows: If you press the key while powering the printer on, the Power-On Configuration is selected.

Selects compu;rint font to be used with the currently selected pitch. Selecting The Display Language 7. Match the left sprocket for the first printing position, i. Product Description Specs Review The Compuprintthough smaller than a line printer, has the ruggedness and performance of a line printer. Paper Path Selection This function defines the default paper path for co,puprint current macro.

Position the left sprocket for printing, matching the left paper margin with the eleventh notch on the printer cabinet and lock it in place. Remove the used ribbon cartridge by lifting it up. Open the tractor area cover and make sure that you remove the shipment lock from the printer.


Compuprint 10300 User Manual

Unlock the Front2 tractor sprockets moving the sprocket levers up. This function is used to match the paper perforation with the tear-off bar.

Press the the error condition. Push the Front 2 tractor until it is fully engaged.


For Technical information Contact us. Page 2 Sferal wwt recommends to use only its original Compuprint branded consumables with original packaging identified by its holographic label. Make sure that the ribbon is inserted correctly between the print ccompuprint and the print head mask. Insert the power cable plug into the printer connector and the other power cable end into a convenient outlet the figure shows the European version.

Compuprint | Impact Printers | Compuprint Series

If your printer is located on the optional printer cabinet, the printed paper is collected on the output stacker: Check if the paper perforation matches the tear-off bar on the printer. This number is represented by a decimal notation where the decimal values are divided by points in four fields. Unpacking Your Printer The following items are included in the box: