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For the ballistic phase, only gravitation governs the movement. Mechanism according to claim 3 characterised in that the tangs of each pair have the same tensile strength and the tangs 41, 42 joining the intermediate ring to the front annular end area have a lower tensile strength tterminale the tangs joining the intermediate ring to the body of the receptacle.

Mechanism according to any one of claims 2 to 5 characterised in that the tangs of each pair have the same bending characteristics about said respective diameters. IT Free format text: Technological solutions to minimize the offset to lead to satisfactory test results.

Mechanism barycentrr to any one of claims 1 to 17 characterised in that the recess 4, 4′, 14 lies along a main axis of inertia of the object. LI Free format text: Device for temporary mechanical attachment of an object to a baryycentre and rapid ejection of the object from the support.

Je viens de survoler l’article sur Usain Boltet quelque chose m’intrigue. FG2A Ref document number: For example, in the case of the device provided by the document FR-A2.

CH Free format text: These tabs are dimensioned from the maximum transverse displacement envisaged for the center of gravity of the object before or during ejection: Description of the frangible zone 32 provided below the threaded area 30 outwardly of the receptacle 14 is given in Figures 7 to The presence of a flexible washer distribution induced against a stress distribution whose resultant is then offset from the center of gravity than a distance d Figure 14B much lower than R in the case of a point contact on the periphery of the thrust zone.


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It is possible to quantify the transverse disturbances linear speed and rotation according to the guidance. However, most preferably, to ensure that the rupture of the terminaale connection not induce any spurious time on the object, is chosen to give one of the pairs of tongues, for example the tongues 41 and 42 the most near the threaded portion, a radial dimension is smaller than for the tongues of the other pair y ‘: In addition, cous the ejection phase, the ejected object must not vibrate in bending.

Thereof, by pressurizing the combustion chamber, permits the piston ejector pin to come push on the object at the top support located in the center of gravity area. Tu dors Mon camarade Mechanism according to any one of claims 2 to 8 characterised in that the intermediate ring 40 and the tangs are integral parts of at least one part 24 of the body of the receptacle comprising said front annular end portion 24A.

To this mounting screw can come either under the eject mechanism or the ejection mechanism on the object.

Taken together the various abovementioned documents are not concerned with the subsequent movement of the object. Some of that energy can be transmitted to the gold object, as shown above, it only an tefminale proportion to communicate to the object significant transverse velocity.

Thus the ejection force F applied to the object to be ejected, is characterized as follows: Figure 18 shows a preferred embodiment wherein the rear end centering is provided behind the two pairs of tabs by a cylindrical bearing 60 directly arranged on the body of the receptacle, rigidly connected thereto, which cooperates with an enlarged end housing At the base of the receptacle is provided a channel 18 communicating with one of any appropriate known type pressure chamber provided in practice of a pyrotechnic type igniter for combustion of a pyrotechnic material.


L’amusant c’est les gens qui ne mettent pas d’accents sur les capitales, mais qui se donnent beaucoup de mal pour mettre des points sur les i capitales.

This document teaches it how to apply to the object to eject an amount of energy well defined. However, it appears in practice that the lengthening of the sleeve 3 ‘does not significantly reduce the risk of transverse displacement of the ejector rod must be increased since the play between shaft and sleeve to eliminate any risk of seizure. Objects, features and advantages of the invention emerge from the following description given by way of example, in the accompanying drawings in which: In fact, it will be understood that in practice the thrust force is applied here not on the spur itself but by the shoulder 51 which borders corresponding to the 14A reference to Figure 4.

The stroke of this rod is delimited by that annular bearing surface 21 ‘and a shoulder 34’ of the sleeve, the base of the ejector rod having a larger diameter than the rest of the stem.

In practice, these documents propose to use an energy release or separation of pressure type. Qu’est-ce qu’une bulle lignaire? This variant has the same advantages as a flexible seal, but also permits a rotating of the object by friction: There is no particular restriction in this phase. One can also, when the rotational movement is applied by the rod itself, to give it a cylindrical shape optionally terminated by an end of polygonal cross-section, giving the central centering area 5 or 5 a section the same shape.

The exterior of the ejected object should not undergo aggression during ejection.