Cracking India Paperback: pages Publisher: Milkweed Editions Date: January 23, ISBN Buy Now: Amazon | Barnes & Noble |. Cracking India. Bapsi Sidhwa, Author, R. W. Scholes, Illustrator Milkweed Editions $ (p) ISBN [After the Partition of India and Pakistan, Lahore became part of the .. of India and Pakistan (recounted in Bapsi Sidhwa’s Cracking India).

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Cracking India | Bapsi Sidhwa

Moti, the Untouchable sweeper 53 for the Sethi household, is husband of Muccho and father of Papoo Her parents have brought Lenny to have her cast removed Ayah takes Lenny around town with her and exposes her to many different things all the while hatred and discontent seep into the narrative.

The historical scene of the [] Partition [dividing Bapsii and Pakistan] is integrated well into the novel through Lenny’s young eyes, though Sidhwa is criticized by some critics for making Lenny’s character too intelligent for her age. There is much disturbing talk. In Cracking IndiaGodmother is presented as “a truer source of strength and action, through knowledge instead of pride and rhetoric,” in contrast to “the dirtiness of politics” on all sides, which Sidhwa has observed, victimize suffering “common people” cited in Wilder.

It is consequently difficult to develop any sort of emotional stock in the characters, who flit in and out and ultimately mostly are killed off abruptly “offscreen” without much dimensionality or purpose. Literature, Arts, and Medicine Databasecrscking ed. Roda – is the matriarch of the Sethi family, with whom Lenny has strong ties p.


Political situation of the Parsee minority in India Added to that is that the narrator is a very young girl. A precocious child, Lenny discusses the advantages of having polio in infancy pp. Sidhwa’s somewhat Joycian insight into child psychology and keen observation of child behavior is what makes the book so compelling and virtually unputdownable. Apr 07, Jennie rated it it was amazing.

History books wash over this migration as people moving from their homes and peacefully making a new life in a country where their religion was majority rule; this fabrication of history fails to capture the violence, murder, and forced evacuation that surrounded this “great” migration.

Narrative Point of View. Cracking India – meaning dividing or partitioning India – is about the sudden boundary that was created demarcating India and Pakistan called the Radcliffe Line.

Young Lenny Sethi is kept out of school because she suffers from polio. Papoo is married off to a middle-aged man. Sidhwa tells the story of the partition of India through the eyes of young Lenny, who is a Parsee girl living in Lahore.

Postcolonial Studies at Emory. Ayah is Punjabiand Ice-Candy-Man asks her why she always wears Hindu saris and never wears traditional Punjabi clothes, like ” shalwar-kamize ” There is also no story arc, and the protagonist never develops at all – it’s really just a very long series of observations about a turbulent period in history as recounted by a little girl. Cracking India by Bapsi Sidhwa 1 7 Jul 27, Despite the nagging of his unbearable mother-in-law, Lists with This Book.


Cracking India Summary & Study Guide

Sikh Characters [On Sikhismmore coming ]. More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Cracking India. It didn’t show us what the occupying outside force but what we did to each other. There’s talk of rape and sex.

Cracking India

A crimson fury blinds me. In his Persian poem, Rumuz-e-bikhudi [trans. Kishwar speaks out on gender issues, being a refugee, and having an uprooted identity Manushiissue 94, May-June This carcking role shows the devious methods which some, particularly politicians, will sink to in order to survive” Wilder.

What if my foot emerges immaculate, fault-free?

Really, the only compelling story is about Ayah and her admirers, which we get some of, but it just breaks off in the middle and goes into some other uncompelling story about Lenny. The story uses the trope of the innocent child to frame its narrative, as seen in other trauma Reading Sidhwa’s novel made me realise how thoroughly ignorant I was about Partition.

As a literary construction, the novel is great. Her works have now been translated into Russian, French and German. Jinnah, founder of Pakistan, died later the same year. But seldom has that story been told as touchingly, as convincingly, or as horrifyingly as it has been by Bapsi Sidhwa.