Good luck with that one-I’ve been a few inches away from finding it online but when I got there the guy who had posted it (it was on another. Download 6 free sheet music and scores:Flight Of The Bumblebee Cziffra, Sheet music, scores.

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It is very low quality mp3, although quite decent sounding. Help keep the forums up and running with a donationany amount is appreciated! By the way, it also has Volodos’ Alla Turca and a few other various transcriptions as well. He gave numerous concerts in Hungary, Scandinavia and the Netherlands. Again, I’ve had some bad luck in downloading the music, but be patient and try it a few times, it may work better for you guys. Gould Post Club Member. Also, for some reason the flash version seems more reliable for me so you can try it out if you have any problems.

His earliest training in piano came from watching his sister practice. If someone can provide me with some server space over 30 megs, I’ll upload the Hi Quality ones.

György Cziffra

I doubt I could play any of those things in two lifetimes Cziffra had just married his wife Soleilka, who was pregnant when he entered military training. Interlocking octaves in Flight of teh bumblebee are crazy!

I bhmblebee you meant La Campanella. His unit was sent to the Russian front. This article is about the pianist. I’ll try later on.

After attempting to escape communist Hungary in he was again imprisoned and subject to hard labour in the period — I read your little personal saying, or whatever they call it, and thought you were looking for the Campanella.


Got to say I don’t actually like that transcription but the virtuosity is amazing!! Or by becoming a Subscribing csiffra

Forums 40 TopicsPosts 2, Members 91, I could do it in low quality, since geocities only allows 15 megs. MP11SE Modifications by dmd. She had decided she was going to learn the piano czifffra finding a job which allowed her to save the required amount of money for buying an upright piano.

Flight Of The Bumblebee Cziffra – download free sheet music and scores

It’s not the full thing, only an excerpt, but VERY enjoyable. I think I may look into it, but not after a few months have gone bumblegee. This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat AdminGlobal ModMod. Quote Originally posted by sandman: In he founded the Cziffra Foundation, sited in the Saint Frambourg chapel in Senlis, Oisewhich he bought and restored, with the aim of helping young musicians at the outset of their careers.

His parents had lived in Paris before World War Iwhen they were expelled as enemy aliens. Again, if you’re interested, I may be able to hunt down the music again Ok, try this link for the Schubert Sonata D played by Richter. It would be great if I could listen to him play.

Le Vol du bourdon (Flight of the Bumblebee)

In Cziffra escaped with his wife and son to Vienna, where his recital was warmly received. Speaking of insanely hard transcriptions, have you seen any of Horowitz’s? He learned without sheet music, instead repeating and improvising over tunes sung by his parents. I found the score online a few days ago again, I’d have to look it up again on my other computer if you’re interested and there’s a video of Daniel Pollack playing it, which I saw for the first time months ago but cziffrx just found it again yesterday.

His successful Paris debut the following year preceded his London debut at the Royal Festival Czifcra playing Liszt ‘s first piano concerto and Hungarian Fantasy which was also well received.


I would say that if you can play something like Mazeppa, and maybe two or three other etudes like that, the Carmen Variations would be nothing. Anybody who know a web-page where I can get this piece?

Hungarian Gypsy Style in the Lisztian Spirit: But if you listen to a CD, you are actually hearing what people may have heard played by a real, living pianist at some point, the Hungarian with hands like greased lightning.

However, his promising career was cut short by his death in an apartment fire in Knabe Piano by Dre Originally posted by sandman: New Topics – Multiple Forums. While I haven’t ever gotten one to preformance level, I have worked through a few of them and the Carmen Variations, and from bumhlebee I’ve seen so far, the Carmen Variations are relatively “easy” I use that term lightly compared to most of the Transcendentals, and I’m sure they’d be great in a concert!

What difficulty would you rate Horowitz’s Carmen Variations?

Happy Birthday, be it belated or early! Subscribe Piano World PianoSupplies. So if anyone has doubts about Horowitz’s capabilities, I can find the site again bumblbee post it up. Oh btw, your geocities bandwidth has run out. The Variations are often regarded as Horowitz’s most simple work on a technical scale.

Quite a bit of stuff, but would be more interesting if I could download more of it! Allgemeine Enzyklopedie der Musik.