The Navy Personnel Command can only issue the Honorable Discharge (DD Form N) certificate. The certificate may be issued in. DD-2, Us Uniformed Services Identification Card. DD, Report of DDN, Honorable Discharge Certificate. DDA, General. A DD Form or DD Form must indicate a period of active duty service dates to be a valid document for eligibility determination purposes.

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My father was on duty for the Little Rock integration, went to meetings, training etc. As alluded to in the reader question, a DD Form is often required by the VA and other benefits organizations to qualify for veterans benefits. df

dd form –

I was a reservist rd so once completed I went back to my reserve unit and served 12 years, ultimately receiving an Honorable Discharge Sd. People claim that there are no such things, even those who claimed to have served in the military. I have a DD Form A. My question involves determining if there is a process to now secure a DD I was promoted, served honorably in two different units.

The DDN shows the re-enlistment date as date of active service for this period block Hello Jerome, Thank you for contacting me. I bandaged them up for safe transport to a safe house. I was issued a DD, am I considered a Veteran?

  ISO 3888-2 PDF

Can You Use a DD Form 256 to Get a DD Form 214?

Richard, Thank you for contacting me. Who do I contact to confirm if I qualify for anything? Sorry to be so blunt but it is what it is. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Can someone help me?

Doug, Thank you for contacting me. The best course of action is contacting a veterans benefits office that can help you go through your service records, time of service, and other factors to help you determine your benefits eligibility.

Dd256 Form

I then went on active duty from Sept. I had Fire Fighting training, my injury requiring stitches.

By the same token, we should also recognize that our service was not equal, as far as earned benefits are concerned, to those who actually spent 2, 4, or more years eating army chow and army b.

Military and veterans benefits often vary from person to person. Hello Joel, Thank you for contacting me.

Hello Evan, Thank you for contacting me. Am I entitled to any benefits at all.

We would like to place them into a cemetery and was wondering if this form would qualify for a Military Cemetery. I wish you the best in getting copies of your service records! You can keep physical copies or scan them and keep digital copies backed up online. Everyone who served under this program should proudly consider themselves a veteran; after all we were serving and subject to call-up for our entire 8 year commitment.


What exactly does this mean? Perhaps the folks at the National Archives have more information on sourcing military records. Those links will help you find more information on how to get one of those forms of ID. A great experience from drbut, not a qualified veteran. The best time to correct service records is while you are still serving. It can get very confusing, depending on service records and various benefits requirements. I wonder how many reservist are out there that have no clue if all their active time is accounted for.

I keep saying that we were civilian workers, and are being called liars. They mentioned that I had health care experience, that is what I was doing over there.


Any assistance would be appreciated. Someone who was recently on the board to make these changes.

I was discharged without having to go back. They should have a record of all your service dates and statuses.