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Whatever your intuitien then tells you is almost certainly dceisive to be the best coice. In one instance, he even seems to invoke the homunculus, when he muses on the evolution of the human mind: In this light, I probably should have started my adventure with neuroscience with Kahneman instead.

Trusting your gut instincts is completely rational

While that part has gotten repetitive for me, the author does come to some feasi I think I have to stop reading listening to these kinds of books i. Can I believe anything that’s in this book? Quotes from The Decisive Moment. That’s what our feelings are trying to tell us.

I know, devisive was terrible. This is why we are riveted when one child falls down a well but turn a blind eye to the millions of people who die every year for lack of clean water. By concentrating on the golf game, by paying attention to the mechanics of the stroke, the novice can avoid beginners’ mistakes.

There is some lack of cohesion in the overall development of the themes.


The Decisive Moment by Jonah Lehrer (3 star ratings)

The substrate of reason is so limited that a few extra digits can become an extreme handicap. But this abundance comes with some hidden costs. Shout out to Kat for lending this to me back before it was pulled!

It should go without saying that while science doesn’t yet have all the answers, i Interesting, but kind of scary book. They looked at human faces with the part of the brain that normally recognizes objects. The Best Books of But these authors make little effort to explain the phenomenon.

And if our expectations are based on false assumptions – like the assumption that more expensive wine tastes better – they can be very misleading. However, there is no excuse to muddle these processes in the book, as philosophers and psychologists can certainly distinguish between them. The numerous psychological experiments, many of them classics, seem pale by comparison. You don’t need to pay attention to every step in what you’re doing.

Later, when exposed to other monkeys they were unable to deal with them in a normal manner and would often start abusing them. He starts to focus on himself, trying to make sure that he doesn’t make any mistakes.

If you believe rational thought is the foundation of wisdom and that the best decisions are based on logic not emotion, think again.

He backs up his argument with liberal references to research findings. How we Decide Another book that pokes holes into the notion that we deliberately decide things, or that our decisions lerer based on sound evidence instead of slight emotional distractions decisibe we don’t consciously notice.


Brain-imaging experiments suggest that paying with credit cards actually reduces activity in the insula, a brain region associated with negative feelings. As with many others, there is a ton of research and the bibliography and notes take up a portion of the backmatter, noment you can pick and choose how to understand how we decide based on whether you enjoyed the stories that demonstrate the science or the straightforward science the best.

The Decisive Moment : Jonah Lehrer :

So, in the end, the book is fun if you like to hear studies and anecdotes, but the lessons fail to stick. In addition, I want a book which is easy to read. The main role that reason plays in morality, he suggests, is confabulating justifications after the fact p. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. When buying a house, for example, it’s best to let our unconscious mull over the many variables.

Their moral intuitions are never tuned on. The purpose of this book is to summarize some of the astonishing things we think we know. If the particular feeling makes no sense jonwh if the amygdala is simply responding to a loss frame, for example – then it can be discounted. We all silence the cognitive dissonance through self-imposed ignorance.