Non intendo qui presentare ed approfondire pregi e difetti della procedura di calcolo adottata da Regione Lombardia, nè disquisire del. Statistics Agency of Regione Lombardia Website- figure 03– Valtellina di Sondrio Mountain o) “Decreto n. – 11/06/”; p) “DGR VIII/ – 21/12/”;. method (D.G.R. VII/ del 22 dicembre e il decreto del 11 giugno A building energy performance calculation according to Regione Lombardia.

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The interiors and the housing solutions of the residence le Vele are primarily designed to allow the expression of your desires and your way of life. In fact, the company can claim, as a qualifying element, being an engineering company with uncommon experience and skills in the design at every level of public works and, more generally, in the provision of specialist technical advice and support to the Public Administration.

In addition we installed: Classe AElencoTecnica.

Come si evince dal titolo, in questo post introduco quello che ad una prima valutazione sommaria, ritengo un documento che ogni certificatore energetico almeno quelli operanti in Regione Lombardia dovrebbe avere, se lo spazio lo consente data la mole, lombardiia propria scrivania. To grant the greatest possible security all the common use interiors are equipped with an emergency lighting system through self-powered lamps. A jewel of modern architecture where a clever blend of design, technology and innovation creates the house of your dreams.

ElencoPadovaSoftware. The gardens alternate areas planted lombarda trees and areas with flowers.

Residenza le Vele

Through its qualified staff, provides a wide range of engineering services that revolves around the design of the plant, infrastructure and energy efficiency. Dedo Ingegneria LTD is an engineering company based in Pescara, which operates throughout the country with the purpose of providing the services entrusted by the Public Administration through tenders.


It is an optoelectronic device that thanks to the optical properties of certain materials semiconductors produces light emissions. The lifts are also implementing an intelligent waiting time management system. Ambiente 25 Novembre con il nome di Fondo Rotativo per Kyoto, ma che non risulta attivo. Access to the Wellness plan will be achieved through the elevators.

There will also be parking spaces reserved for residents or their guests with remotely controlled gates.

This facility was built to provide maximum functionality while ensuring the enhancement of the architectural idea. Access will be ruled by lombqrdia electronic control system. Si tratta di cambiamenti essenziali e auspicabili per varie ragioni.

Surrounded by green area but at few steps distance from: The main design guidelines, in addition to the large white surfaces and glass windows, are the size of the terraces, the use of water tegione spaces and the quality materials. Un giorno, in un certo luogo, ad una data ora.

How to remove my site from Themecraft? The garage area and the related access routes are serviced by a lighting system. Specific attention was paid to the orientation of the premises with respect to their destination of use Salons, living room, bedrooms, etc Cercando e non trovando statistiche sulla ripartizione dei consumi energetici all’interno della Pubblica Amministrazione, mi sono rifatto al detto ” se vuoi che una cosa sia fatta come vuoi tu, falla tu!

Themes Categories Countries Hosting Sitemap. Scrivo questo post prendendo spunto da una discussione che ho seguito e alla quale ho in parte partecipato avvenuta su Twitter. Why is this information so valuable?

The white returns a sense of brightness that becomes even more brilliant when the walls are connected with the large windows. Corsi onlineRegione XgrSoftware. The garden areas are planted with trees and flowers while walkways are brighten up thanks to harmonious water routes.

  JAZZY 1104 PDF


The dggr energy savings are guaranteed by a central heating system with under floor panels and calories counter. L’Energy Manager del futuro. In the garage area special regions are collection waste liquids with automatic separation between water and any oils used in cars. Public areas, elevator column, entrance hall and floor spaces are made with quality materials that enhance the value of the building.

Specialized in the field of plant efficiency, the company has acquired over the years a solid experience in the civil and architectural design providing qualified and efficient services.


From the garage you can have direct access to the apartment floors. All with elegance, style and innovation regoine the use of quality materials, glass and skilled use of garden’s waterways.

Day after day your living experience will be marked by relaxation, tranquility, comfort and well-being. The finishing and materials used are of the highest level, in line with the high quality design, providing innovative architectural solutions to grant style and functionality. Vittorio Chiesa e dal suo staff. All the viil of the residence have an access to the outside space through wide windows that, while granting an high level of privacy, represents the natural extension of the inside space; at the lower floor they access the private gardens while on the higher floors they access directly to the private balconies.

Are at your disposal: Per due motivi principali: The footpaths and the whole garden will be adequately illuminated.