A dhampir is a mortal, born from the union of a vampire and a human. Dhampirs have pale skin and dark hair, with blood red highlights. Around vampires. Series 1 See all the pages for the Noble Dead Wiki. Magiere acts as the hunter and Leesil appears as the vampire and fakes being killed. After one such “game”, Magiere and their canine companion Chap.

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This gathering could only be caused by the Ancient Enemy awakening.

Outnumbered with Ratboy running away and surprised that Magiere’s falchion is able to hurt him, nooble addition to being confused as to Magiere’s true nature, Rashed too flees.

Hendee These are the epic adventures of Magiere, a dhampir half human, half vampireand Leesil, her half-elf lover, dgampir hunters in a high-fantasy world, fighting a higher undead, known as the Noble Dead. The novel was too drawn out.

In Shade and Shadow. This series also introduces readers to the second spiritual form of the three major forms of Noble Dead, the first being the vampire physical form as encountered previously.

Saga of the Noble Dead

See 1 question about Dhampir…. Somewhere around page edad action heated up and Magier I liked the premise of this book and I liked the first few chapters until I realized it was all a scam. I am also looking forward to learning more about Magiere’s father, Leesil’s past and the role of the Elves in this world. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Magiere doesn’t like Ellinwood right away, judging him by the expensive way he dresses and the arrogant way he carries himself.

Refresh and try again. While I like and enjoy first person POV, third person allows the luxury of ge Three and a half stars. Alexa Actionable Analytics for nooble Web.

: Dhampir (Noble Dead) (): Barb Hendee, J.C. Hendee: Books

Her fees are exorbitant. Still hunted by a team of assassins, they escape on the first available ship, only to find themselves under the power of a sadistic captain. The mix of fantasy and horror was well done and the narrative was tightly written and nicely paced.


Mar 22, Books-treasureortrash rated it it was ok Shelves: And then I found out that the “heroes” continue their adventures of being lamer than any other featured characters in a sequel. I love the Northwest, and it’s a great place to write. Also, stew is not travel food.

Teesha’s plan fails and Magiere kills her. But at times it is also from some of the other dhqmpir, including the vampires. Also Magiere and Leesil were not really developed. Even more impressive than their world-building, however, is the care with which they have crafted their characters, who have realistic strengths nohle flaws, and whose backstories are gradually revealed throughout the series. The story is told in the third person narrative primarily from Magiere’s perspective.

Follow the Authors

View all 4 comments. There hardly any world building! The premise intrigued me, but the book almost defeated my patience. Rashed finds comfort in a mortal life, setting himself up as a businessman and insisting that his kind feed upon but not kill its victims.

I liked the premise of this book and I liked the first few chapters until I realized it was all a scam. It took some time until they showed any true compassion and regret for all the evil they have done and by then, I was finding it hard to care.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. I will read the next book, because I feel that the authors have sprinkled enough throughout the first one for some really interesting developments. Foreign cover art Foreign Cover Dhampir After meeting with Welstiel and Brenden telling them that Magiere’s description of the attacker fits that of a warehouse owner in town, they finally break into the warehouse and navigate through the tunnels and traps down to find the vampires’ coffins.

However, this book sorely missed cead mark. Overall, the good outweighed the bad for me, and I’m glad I picked it up! If only that were all she had to worry nble. Once this last great task is completed, Magiere can take Leesil home to a life of peace.


Dhampir | Noble Dead Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The fight scenes were okay. Views Read Edit View history. So, I grabbed this two weeks ago when I was in L. But first their expertise as vampire hunters is required on behalf of a small village being tormented by a creature of unlimited and unimaginable power.

May 28, Madison rated it liked it. The series is about a half-vampire, half-human woman who starts out as a thief but finds out she has special talents. It begins with an unlikely trio drawn together as charlatans who use their skills to cheat peasants by the common superstitions concerning the undead. So, once again, I was pleasantly surprised not to find any Mary Sues on sight!

And now, dreams of a castle locked in ice lead her south, on a journey that has become nothing less than an obsession? See, this took some convincing – I am naturally suspicious of all those books and there are many, too many these days featuring bad-ass hot chicks with swords on the cover.

And not one of them sparkled or went near a highschool girl to woo. Composed of six novelsit tells the story of Magiere a dhampir: Overall, I liked it enough to want to read the sequels.

But as Magiere and Leesil uncover the truth, they discover just how close the enemy has always been….

Maybe that’s because I’m playing a lot of Dragon Age, and I really like the vhampir Zevran, but whatever the source Lessil is still a good character. In what land would people named Beth-rae, Brendan, Leesil and Magiere all coexist?