Description. Annual; Erect annual with fragrant lemon scented leaves and showy blue flowers. Moldavian needs moist soil and sun or semi-shade. Good bee. Cultivation. In the second half of the 16th century, D. moldavica was introduced to Europe and cultivated as ornamental, spice, medicinal and bee plant [1, 2]. Welcome to the famous Dave’s Garden website. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants.

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One hundred healthy Sprague Dawley rats both sex, body weight: Plants For A Future can not take moldxvica responsibility for any adverse effects from the use of plants. Associations with obesity, insulin resistance, and endothelial dysfunction a potential role for cytokines originating from adipose tissue. Dracocephalum moldavica is an introduced plant to diverse parts of the United Statesand is now present in ConnecticutNebraskaVermontand Wisconsin.

Dracocephalum cracocephalum L is a Labiatae annual herb, which is used as a traditional Uygur medicine for centuries in the name of Baeiranjiboya. Although there is no precise accounting of its native range, Dracocephalum moldavica is known to be native to the temperate climate of Asia ; in China GansuHebeiHeilongjiangHenanJilinLiaoningInner MongoliaShaanxiXinjiang and Shanxi provinces ; Russia Primorsky Krai ; eastern and western Siberia ; Tajikistan ; and Turkmenistan.

The leaves and flowers are lemon-scented and fragrant. No drug intervention was given for the rats used in the plains.


Dracocephalum moldavica Moldavian Balm, Moldavian dragonhead PFAF Plant Database

The seeds are astringent, carminative and tonic[]. Please view the copyright link for more information.

Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. This shows that the high altitude hypoxia has the effect on rat’s cytokines and inflammatory chemokines.

Plant Information

Foliage has wonderful lemon scent. Author information Article notes Copyright mildavica License information Disclaimer. The present study attempted to explore the basis for the research on clinical development of drugs for high altitude sickness and laid the foundation for further progress of Uygur medicines on the treatment of altitude sickness.

Since I was left with too few plants in a container on my balcony, I took a pair of cuttings today. Full Key All other flowering mmoldavica plants All other herbaceous, flowering dicots Dracocephalum moldavica. This QR Code is unique to this page.

In simulated high-altitude environment, the rats in model group had significantly higher pulmonary artery pressure compared with the rats in the plains, confirming the fact that CMS involved dracocephlaum altitude sickness. We studied several altitude sickness serum markers, including the following relationship.

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This research work was supported by the national basic research program of china CB Neurodegeneration, myocardial injury, and perinatal death in mitochondrial superoxide dismutase-deficient mice. Flowers June-August Likes a well drained, fertile soil in sun.

I made a cup of tea with some Long Jin and the trimmings from these cuttings, and it tasted mildavica nice, so I really want to have this First-in-Israel-AfterYears-of-Exile seed harvest, in order to moldaviica able to upscale the “Harry Potter Mint” operation in the next ye Contact Submit an Article Advertise. Footnotes Source of Support: Positive control NE group which received nifedipine 2.


MOLDAVIAN BALM (Dracocephalum moldavica)

Post a comment about this plant. It can grow in semi-shade light woodland or no shade.

Dracocephaulm more information about QR Codes dracocephaalum here. Glands on leaf blade the leaf blades have glandular dots or scales Sap the sap is clear and watery Sap color the sap is clear. Animals and treatment groups One hundred healthy Sprague Dawley rats both sex, body weight: This research was supported by the special culture of Xinjiang minority talents of science and technology plan project Blood samples were taken for hematological and biochemical analyses.

Dracocephalum moldavica – L. Your help is appreciated. Calibration of the pressure sensor Calibration of the sensor is an important step in the experiment.

Moldavian Balm, Moldavian dragonhead. Retrieved February 25, Bronchitis, hypertension, hepatitis, dizziness, biliary tract infections, and other diseases. Despite its moldavuca hardships each year its always produces several seed and re-sows itself in the same pot to continue what now appears to be its fam Copy and print the QR code to a plant label, poster, book, website, magazines, newspaper etc and even t-shirts. Oxygen free radicals stimulate oxidative stress and endothelial dracocrphalum cause the increase in the generation of altitude sickness.

It is a useful plant for filling gaps in the summer border[]. I really must do something about it so that next year I can post a decent photo of it.