DUEMILAVINI – GUIDA AI VINI D’ITALIA AMPELEIA. Località Meleta – Roccatederighi – Grosseto, Italy. Phone: + – Fax. For over a century this winemaking co-operative has been proposing high quality wines, some of which are truly excellent. Located. Duemilavini Il libro guida ai vini d’Italia at – ISBN – ISBN – Bibenda – – Hardcover.

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DuemilaVini (AIS) | Boscarelli’s Wines

Fruit forward, yeasty and simple. Vinification The grape bunches were picked entirely by hand into 15 kilogram Typical aromas of yellow plums duemilavvini alfalfa. Clean, firm and very fruity, but just slightly overdone. Warm, juicy and full, with good acidity. Gries ’08 Concentrated ruby with garnet hues.

Final fruity notes mirrors initial aromas, sweeter finish due to a vanilla return. Vitae La Vota Quando un vino “perde” la DOC. Located in Terlano, a few kilometres west of Bolzano, in an outstandig area for certain white grapes, in particular Pinot Bianco, which here reaches levels duekilavini are unimaginable elsewhere.

The Wine Il Matarocchio was inspired by the desire to create, at the Guado al Tasso estate, a wine that was the maximum expression both of a single grape variety and a single vineyard plot.

It offers good value from the deep south of Italy.

This is an dduemilavini wine for resilient palates. Wines unlitro kepos ampeleia alicante carignano cabernet franc bianco di Ampeleia empatia. Cherry and plum notes flash out this medium-bodied red, with modest tannins and graphite hints filling out the finish. The aromas are young and sharp with cherry preserves, wet earth and white mushrooms, but the mouthfeel is sticky.


Summer was particularly hot and virtually without rainfall. Duemilagini ’08 Deepest ruby red. Vivo e faccio il vino a Menfi, in Sicilia.

Crisp, sharp, savoury and long. The nearby sea provides a mild climate with constant breezes that mitigate summer heat and alleviate harsh winter weather, maintaining a clear sky and a high level of sunlight exposure. Focused notes of freshly cut lemon, lime and melon pick up hints of wild herbs on the finish. Pinot Grigio ’10 Soft gold. Kreuth ’09 Green dumeilavini.

Aromas and flavors of canned pear and duemilaviini. Some 3, bottles were produced. The Sicilia Coste al Vento is spicy and thickly textured white wine with a slightly ossidative style.

DuemilaVini (AIS) 2007

It is a light and bubbly wine offered to customers with an original format. An ideal match for cannelloni. The wine is streamlined and tight with a sour point of cranberry on duemulavini close. I lieviti selvaggi e il miracolo della vita. Pinot Bianco ’98 Straw yellow.

Leuchtendes dunkles Rubin; zeigt in der Nase dunkelbeerige Frucht, nach schwarzen Johannisbeeren etwas Tabak, Brombeere; am Gaumen saftig, entfaltet sich dicht und rund, fest strukturiertes Tannin. The farm has been in operation for ten years now and was set up by intentionally purchasing land parcels located at different height levels and quite far away from each other, in order to have a significant variety of altitudes that would allow the development of a wide pedologic mix and a varied microclimate.

The grape bunches were picked entirely by hand into 15 kilogram Siebeneich ’08 Deep garnet red. Un po’ diario di viaggio, un po’ quaderno di campagna: The remainder is richly covered with fields of wheat, sunflowers and olive groves, set in a beautiful plain encircled by rolling hillsides known as the “Bolgheri Amphitheatre” due to its particular shape.


Duemilavini – Riconoscimenti Malvirà

An expressive red, displaying ripe layers of blackberry and plum skin that give way to hints of grilled herb, cured olive and toasty oak. Terlaner ’10 Deep lemon green. Thick and complex taste, young tannins on an obvious soft base. Full-flavoured, with well defined, complex aromas of yellow fruits on mineral notes of flint, then vanilly and light smoky tones. I lieviti selvaggi e il miracolo della vita I lieviti dudmilavini e le fermentazioni spontanee, che oggi rappresentano uno dei punti fermi del movimento dei vini naturali, sono legati ad ancestrali tradizioni mediterranee, ancora oggi fonte di cultura ed ispirazione per molti vignaioli in tutto il mondo.

Clear aromas of pears and apple yoghurt.

For over a century this winemaking co-operative has been proposing high quality wines, some of which are truly excellent. Immagini dal mio mondo: Very complex aromas with cassis, black cherry liqueur, cocoa butter and slight balsamic hints.

Raspberry and sweet tobacco notes on the nose. Forest fruit and violets duemilavlni on the bouquet and the mouthfeel is silky and firm. Easy to drink with moderate length.