A review of predictions made by Duduman about America and Europe. Through the Fire Without Burning [Dumitru Duduman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Excerpt from the book: The Heavenly messenger. As we relook at this powerful prophecy delivered by brother Dumitru Duduman and see that it is literally contained in the Word of God and it is.

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The desire to help his fellow Christians still burned in his heart, and sincethrough the work of Hand of Help, he has been able to do so.

Soon there will be no more opportunity to fish. As I watched, I was able to see how terrifying and mean it looked. Notify me of new comments via email. All were dressed in black, except one. On the other side was another cloud, but with no unusual colors. On the side of the helicopter there was a plank, like on a ship, where soldiers were lined up, dressed in black, all armed the same, and of about the same size.

Draw closer to eumitru now, more than ever — and be holy, because hard times are coming. If I try to ask anybody anything, all I hear is, “I don’t know. I will repay all your work dudumab suffering.

Then I heard peals of thunder! If he cumitru find Bibles, he was to confiscate them and arrest whomever was responsible for bringing them into the country. The Lord has given me an interpretation to this vision which can be found on my web page at: Mary Kay Mason said this on February 9, at 1: Tell them that concern over tomorrow should not be found in them.


The earth moved as if it were on water.

SIN was the moon god of astrolgy. I gave the letter to my daughter to read. Looking down, I saw fire bursting out of dudumqn ground, while trees and houses disintegrated before my eyes. I stood up, but I was knocked down again. Christians in name only are not Christians at all, but deceived.

Once again, I heard duitru voice, but I could not see who was speaking to me. Do not lose your faith. What about the many Christians that read astrology an old habit the church never discussed it was forbidden. It’s not that they want to. Join 3, other followers. Some of the names that are listed here will be erased.

There it says clearly what will happen to America. We kept walking on a very narrow path, and after a very long and exhausting trip we arrived at the bank of a big body of water.

About Dumitru Duduman

I went and laid in bed thinking that I was exhausted and needed to rest. The reason I am still among you, is that God heard the prayers of many brothers everywhere, and that God still needs me.

At noon, someone will bring you a car and give you a bucket of honey. The horn is ready to sound for the start of the battle. We know that when Jesus comes we will meet him in the clouds.


The Message For America

The smell dumjtru the flowers was so strong it almost made me dizzy. I looked toward the sky. They need to trust the holy spirit instead of the stars. You trust in the powers of men.

Wake up America Dumitru Duduman Prophecy 10/11 by Remnant Call | Christianity Podcasts

They put their faith in the Jewish people in America. A thread of Gods command that His people live righteousness lives.

The man looked so far away, but the voice was close. A heavenly choir appeared and began to sing a song in the most beautiful splendor: They have brought disrespect to the word of God.

As they dudumwn to close in on us, a powerful light appeared and encircled us.

The Message For America

Our voices thundered so loudly, that the Dark army began to retreat in fear. The earth shook so violently that I was unable to walk. Why did you bring me to this country?

A Disciple of Christ https: The ones on the left could not defend themselves.