Notice: We will revise this manual’s content according to the improvement of 8. Machining STEP increments (Only when for 2 axes DRO is used or Copyrights© by Easson Measurement Technology Ltd., Feb / , All rights Reserved. THe EASSON COMPANY is a manufacturer of glass scale Digital Readout systems. EASSON’s mission is to be the premier manufacturer of. any one have a manual for an easson es-8 dro. i have purchased a grizzly mill G with an easson es-8 dro and have no manual for it.

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Finally, don’t overlook the cost of parts. Hypotherm Powermax Plasma Cutter. No luck manuql didn’t have anyparts. ES-8 is world first readout that providespecialised functions for Tool setter.

No other company spends more time on the phone with customers than we do. Choose from the following scales: My X axis travel is: Featured Product of the China Supplier. Items are shown out of their protective bubble wrap manuual factory boxes to better illustrate what is included in the kit.

If there was a better digital readout package to be sold, we would be selling it. We pledge to never “over sell” you on a product that won’t work well for you. Autotex polyester film is known as the highest quality,highest specification membrane film available almong the membrane switchmanufacturing industry.

P icture of a glass scale contaminated by hundreds of debris particles after being placed in service less than 3 easaon. Even if you get easaon absolute ‘rock star’ bottom line price that would make William Shatner proud, if the digital readout is not user friendly, you still didn’t get a ‘deal’. We speak English – We answer our phones – Same day shipping.


If the digital readout is poorly designed, too complicated, if the display isn’t bright enough, or in other words is ‘user unfriendly’, you’ll regret yo ur purchase decision every time you turn it on.

Universal Length Measuring Machine. Craftsman Lathe Manual – f lathe manualBecause of our direct marketing structure, they’re also extremely affordable. That’s right, buy from the “other guys”, break a scale, and you get to replace the entire digital readout kit!

Linear Hole Tool Positioning Provides a linear hole positioning function for drilling holes a fixed distance apart, at any angle. Kits include everything you need – a display head, mounting arm, power cord, easwon manual, standard length scales of your choice, shields, mounting hardware, a handy collet holder, brackets, etc.

Please refer to the chart below for more details: You’ll get a tracking number emailed direct to you from UPS, enabling you to track your shipment door to door! Linear power supply is used in ES-8 to ensure highest possible performance in noise immunity to the electrical source.

High quality EASSON ES-8A 3axis digital readout DRO for mill lathe EDM machine

Unlike our competitors, we do not have Easskn and Eastern sales divisions and multi layers of management to support. We enjoy selling quality products at competitive prices.


Mastercam Wire; Mastercam Router; Mastercam for Price can also be the most misleading, and perhaps worst way, to judge a mamual readout kit. Simply tell us what size scale you’d like and we’ll send the correct length scale. Our Video Tutorials are the best in the industry, and are available free for you, our customers.

rahnasto :: Easson es-8 lathe user manual

Shrinkage Calculation – For mold making, allows the operator to enter a shrink factor to compensate for material shrinkage during cooling. Therefore, despite the serious market competition which keep driving the price of digital readout system lower and lower. Have an issue or need some help?

Lathe Install Part 1.

Easson ES-8A 2axis mill digital readout lathe dro W GS10 linear scale complete dro kits

Intuitiveness or “Ease of Use”. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to create exact copies of your original workpiece? The whole point of getting a digital readout is to make your work easier and more enjoyable. The lathe on the other hand. High Durability Switch Membrane.

Extreme care was taken in PCB and component layout to achieve the highest possible noise immunity and EMC performance. Unfortunately, a contaminated glass scale will continue to display position, albeit an incorrect one, leaving the operator unaware of the malfunction.