O carrapato Boophilus microplus é um dos mais importantes ectoparasitas dos rebanhos bovinos, estando em todas as áreas tropicais e subtropicais entre. RESUMO: O objetivo desta pesquisa foi avaliar o efeito in vivo do óleo de citronela, no controle do carrapato bovino [Rhipicephalus(Boophilus) microplus], . 2 jun. discorrer sobre o impacto econômico das parasitoses de bovinos é, dados e informações encontradas em estudos de circulação restrita à.

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Journal of the South African Veterinary Associationv. In vivo evaluation of amitraz against ticks under field conditions in Ethiopia.

Rendle] oil in the control of bovine ectoparasites. Australian Journal of Agricultural Researchv. It was evaluated in this work, the degree of natural infestation by external parasites in beef cattle females from three genetic groups.

Sensibilidade do carrapato Boophilus microplus a solventes.

I ; Parra, C. There was a physiological stage effect of the female in all the three studied characteristics and the differences changed accordingly to the trait. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolutionv. Os animais eram submetidos diariamente a duas ordenhas.

Journal of Economic Entomologyv.

Despite of the counting year-season x genetic group, there are differences among Nellore, Canchim x Nelore, Angus x Nellore and Simmental x Nelore genetic groups regarded to the degree of natural infestation by cattle tick, horn fly and beef-worm. Within 28 days, amitraz and the phytotherapic agent had to be reapplied to control boinos infestation. Differences among genetic groups depended on year-season counting; however, in general, Nellore females were the least infected by bovjnos, and Angus x Nellore females were the most infected by horn flies and by beef-worms.


Animal Productionv. Genetics and Molecular Biologyv. Australian Journal of Biological Sciencev. The relationship among the number of applications was 1: Para mosca-dos-chifres fez-se a contagem individual. Journal of Stored Products Researchv. Revista Brasileira de Zootecniav.

Impacto econômico das parasitoses de bovinos | Giro de Notícias | MilkPoint

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ectoparasitas em bovinos pdf

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Dentre as plantas indicadas para o controle de insetos, destaca-se a citronela [ Cymbopogon nardus L. I ; Nicolodi, P. Effect of volatile oils in protecting stored Vigna unguiculata L. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. The effect of host resistance on larval attachments and growth. Foram feitas de 6 a 10 contagens em cada animal, totalizando 5. I ; Machado, P.

Institute Journal Parasitologyv. How to cite this article. The correlation of ticks resistance with mast cell counts in the host’s skin.

Efficacy of citronella [Cymbopogon nardus (L.) Rendle] oil in the control of bovine ectoparasites

Genetic and environmental aspects of the resistance of Zebu cattle to the tick Boophilus microplus. As contagens de moscas, feitas no intervalo de sete dias, encontra respaldo na pesquisa conduzida por Bianchin et al. The efficacy of tick control was, on average, Comparative performance of six Holstein-Friesian x Guzera grades in Brazil.

Genetics and Molecular Biology, v.