Airport Information For EHRD. Printed on 27 Jan . Chart only to be used for cross-checking of altitudes while under. RADAR control. 2. VFR Chart of EHRD. IFR Chart of EHRD. Location Information for EHRD. Coordinates: N51°’ / E4°’ View all Airports in Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. Remain on Tower frequency until passing ‘, then contact SCHIPHOL. Departure and report altitude in order to verify SSR mode C by ATC.

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When using friction tester: Lefthand circuit, altitude ft AMSL.

Departure instructions if applicable. When it is safe to do so, the DMO will declare erhd ground handling and re-fuelling operations can be resumed.

Four low visibility phases are recognised: For each runway at Rotterdam Airport a circling approach may be allowed or offered. Main landing runway 2.

IFR Terminal Charts for Rotterdam-Zestienhoven (EHRD) (Jeppesen EHRD)

Instructions containing deviations from the standard instrument departure may be added to the en route or take-off clearance. These figures apply to take-off from RWY extremity. Outside these hours tel: Illuminated guidance sign boards, stand markings, boundary lines, self parking, follow-me car and marshaller assistance AVBL. Pilots shall adhere to the approach or departure route as indicated on the charts, unless otherwise instructed by ATC.


A request for start-up includes: Measured coefficient Estimated surface friction 0. Since ATC planning of outbound traffic involving en route clearance and co-ordination with adjacent ACCs is based on the start-up time, the pilot shall be able to comply with start-up and taxi permission.

EHRD – Rotterdam Airport | SkyVector

Pilots shall eurd adhere to the circuits as indicated on the charts, unless otherwise instructed by ATC. SID designation is composed of the following elements: Details concerning information for users: The en route clearance will be issued after start-up clearance has been given by Rotterdam Delivery.

H24 for emergency, rescue, police, coastguard, military and ambulance flights.

In case of communication failure leave the CTR via the shortest route, maintain altitude until outside the CTR, do not cross runway centre line or ILS areas and proceed to an appropriate aerodrome. Both areas are separated by the area between highway A13 and the Delftsche Schie. SID designation is composed of the following elements:. GP 06 – The airport is below operational limits for arriving and departing aircraft.


Runway in use 1. Measuring of estimated surface friction: The most up-to-date information via Rotterdam TWR. White; last m yellow. Additional instructions with respect to clearance limit, route and level.

An en route clearance contains: A request for start-up includes:. For exemptions see remarks. Pilots shall request permission from ATC before starting engines and chats applicable report a cross-bleed start. VOR radial interception angle: