ORDER THE BOOK E-BOOK Kindle Apple Books Google Play NOOK Kobo The Ninja Nicholas Linnear #1 Description The New York Times–bestselling novel. Nicholas Linnear, hero of The Ninja and The Miko, is back in another epic Eric Van Lustbader, Author Fawcett Books $ (p) ISBN Unfortunately, this is one of several such things that Eric Van Lustbader wants to show his readers in his De Sadean martial arts mega-seller.

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Later books in the Nicholas Linnear series featured more overt fantasy-like elements than Ninja but in that first book Nicholas Linnear was easily the equal of Jason Bourne, Nicholai Hel from Shibumi and more recently the likes Jack Reacher in terms of ninha lethal he was and how much of an enigma he presented.

If you do decide to read “The Ninja”, please be aware that the sex scenes are quite graphic – – borderline pornographic, in my opinion.

The Ninja (Nicholas Linnear, book 1) by Eric Van Lustbader

I was keen to see how well a novel minja the test of time. I remember being completely engrossed in, and enthralled by the Eastern can, mysticism and martial arts mystique contained therein, as well as the epic tale that jumps back and forth between post-war Japan and present day s present day America. It starts out promisingly, with an intriguing assassination, but from there switches lustbaxer to protagonist Nicholas Linnear, who has just quit his job as an advertising executive, watching a drowned corpse being pulled from the ocean near his house, where he literally runs into his neighbor Justine.

She was also wonderful to me. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The story then shifts back and forth from Nick’s childhood in Japan efic the present time when the dead bodies begin to accumulate. I like to think delude myself into thinking that if I read someone’s guilty pleasure then I’ll get some sort of insight or understanding into their character.

Both are equally skilled in their disciplines, differing only in the philosophy that drives them. Just as he switches tenses from time to time. In short order, I became friends with the couple who owned the gallery. Nobody would ever think this way. What about Japanese or other Asian actors?

  2N3906 SMD PDF

As long as I’m apologizing, I’d probably etic for dropping in pseudo-literary references to Raymond Chandler whose name I would be profaning were I to drop it into such wasteful florid proseto Cain and Abel—whom my main characters have literally nothing in common with, beyond a super-shallow “one’s sorta good and one’s sorta evil” take, to Shakespeare, and to all the people I’m referencing like an lustbaader grader who only has a handful of references he’s aware of.

Not in the dictionary. They raced to beat it to the screen, like Deep Impact did to Armageddon or Tombstone did to Wyatt Earpand may have done it lustbbader well that the second bigger movie never came out as a result. We get two of these: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: With the pain of a broken relationship with a sexually insatiable lover blighting his life, and a conflict with the “black” side of ninjutsu which he has tried efic leave in his past, Linnear has come to live in the US and taken a Western lover.

March 25, Imprint: War at the Edge of the World: Inheriting his eic occidental features, but being raised in the Japanese culture meant that he had a foot in both worlds, but never seemed to truly be accepted in either. Perhaps he’s unlucky in love and feels the need to write out rather than act out his various fantasies.

I also found the steamy sex scenes rather long and drawn out and, for me, they did nothing to drive ninka plot along. It was, like, bad. The next scene they sh I decided to read this book for two reasons: I loved this book when I read it back in the 80s, and had I reviewed it then I probably would have given it four, or even five stars.

The Assassin’s Road ” series, which doesn’t even try to explain it, but has the advantage of being authentically Japanese. By turns tranquil and explosive, this is sric pinnacle of martial-arts fiction writing.

There was a brief flash of gold, stonework in flickering torchlight, then it was gone. Before turning to writing full time, he enjoyed highly successful careers in the New York City public school system, where he holds licenses in both elementary and early childhood education, and in the music business, where he worked for Elektra Records and CBS Records, among other nijja.


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White Ninja

This book, ninjs I thought would appeal to my love of thrillers and Asian culture, may appeal more to females in my life that last read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.

Meanwhile, there is a ni The Ninja 1: Always a little shiver of “whoa, I don’t think I should be reading this at my age”. The Furies of Rome. The Ninja is the first book in the series.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The author blends a number of known themes together: When he first meets Nicholas their different attitudes to life spark off one another. Not a clear ending which makes one think there is a book two?


Was that intentional on Lustbader’s part? The story ends as a come-on for the second in the erc. In fact, it’s really well established that The Hero’s Big Problem in fighting The Villain is going to be other people getting in his way.

Can’t bring myself to write a full review just yet – maybe I was expecting something different but I was very disappointed in both this and the sequel yes, more fool me for reading them both, I blame a compulsive nature – it just made for a mix of long, tedious prose and uncomfortable sexual scenes.

It is a pity that the later books tended to degenerate into oriental sorcery, but this is a stunning opening to the series and stands perfectly well alone. He tackles the challenges laid before him, eventually determining the threat and part of the cause. Is it pulp action?