Jeanne Guyon discovers the great difference between praying to God and experiencing God through prayer. In this inspirational book she shares secrets of this. Madame Jeanne Guyon discovered the great difference between praying to God, and experiencing God through prayer. She shares the secrets of this higher. Lisa Donovan’s thoughts and quotes from. Experiencing God through Prayer. By Madame Jeanne Marie Guyon (). Although her writings must be read.

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The case is similar here; for there is a strong and universal light which absorbs all the little distinct lights of the soul; they grow faint and disappear under its powerful influence, and self-activity is now no longer distinguishable.

Great faith produces great abandonment; we guyoj confide in God, “hoping against hope.

Wish I had this book months ago. I didn’t like it. Let us remain in the state He assigns us, agreeably to the instructions of the wise man: A stone held in the hand is no sooner disengaged than by its own weight it falls to the earth as to its centre; so also water and fire, when unobstructed, flow incessantly towards their centre.

But what danger can there be in walking in the only true way, which is Jesus Christ, giving ourselves up to Him, fixing our eye continually on Him, placing all our confidence in his grace, and tending with all the strength of our soul to his purest love?

By this means alone, we may extirpate the dreadful vices which so prevail among the lower orders, such as drunkenness, blasphemy, lewdness, enmity and theft. Paul, in the same passage, founds that necessity on our ignorance with respect to what we pray for: Our abandonment, then, should be, both in respect to external and internal things, an absolute giving up of all our concerns into the hands of God, forgetting ourselves and thinking only of Him; by which the heart will remain always disengaged, free, and at peace.

We must surrender our whole being to Christ Jesus, and cease to live any longer in ourselves, that He may become our life; “that being dead, our life may be hid with Christ in God.

This is what St. Repose, tranquility, and peace. Godd, the pure and the impure gold are not mingled; before they can be united, they must be equally refined; the goldsmith cannot mix dross and gold. P RAYER is the key to perfection, and the sovereign good; it is the means of delivering us from every vice, gox obtaining us every virtue; for the one great means of becoming perfect, is to walk in the presence of God.


In the mortification of the eye and ear, which continually supply the busy imagination with new subjects, there is little danger of falling into excess; but God will teach us this also, and we have only to follow his Spirit.

B OTH devotion and sacrifice are comprehended in prayer, which, according to St. O divine Shepherd, Thou macame thy flock with Thyself, and art indeed their daily bread.

Experiencing God Through Prayer by Jeanne Marie Bouvier de la Motte Guyon

He cannot be better received than by Himself. I T will be objected, that, by this method, we shall have no mysteries imprinted on our minds; but so far is this from being the case, that it is the peculiar means of imparting them to the soul.

Though we are not all called to the ministry of Christian Writer, we are all called by God to share our faith witness with those who are not Christians.

He says by the mouth of his prophet David, “Be still and know that I am God. The foundation of her Quietism was laid in her study of St. But as the apprehended difficulty of an undertaking often causes despair of succeeding and reluctance in commencing, so its desirableness, and the idea that it is easy to accomplish, induce us to enter upon its pursuit with pleasure, and to pursue it with vigor.

To hate sin in this manner, is to hate it as God does. Experiiencing ye poor, stray, wandering sheep, return fuyon your Shepherd! This will take you to the offer on the Christianbook. This appearance of inaction is, indeed, not the consequence of sterility, but of abundance, as will be clearly perceived by the experienced soul, who will recognize that the silence is full and unctuous by reason of plenty. Marame, as soon as the soul by faith places itself in the presence of God, and becomes recollected before Him, let it remain thus for a little time in respectful silence.

What risk do throubh run in depending solely on God, and abandoning yourself wholly to Him?

Experiencing God Through Prayer

In like manner, while the soul remains in sin and the creature, many endeavors are requisite to effect its freedom; the cables which hold it must be loosed, and then by strong and vigorous efforts it gathers itself inward, pushes off gradually prayr the old port of Self, and, leaving that behind, proceeds to the interior, the haven so much desired. Jesus Christ says that He has life in Himself: They lose these advantages by their own fault.


You see that experiencint this process the soul is led naturally, without trouble, effort, art or study. The goldsmith cannot now discover any adulterate mixture, because of its perfect purity and simplicity. Meditation, which is the other method, is to be practised at an appropriated season, and not in the time of reading.

Prayer is a certain warmth of love, melting, dissolving, and sublimating the trhough, and causing it to ascend unto God, and, as the soul is melted, odors rise from it; and these sweet exhalations proceed from the consuming fire of love within.

O were this simple method dxperiencing acquired, a way so suited to all, to the dull and ignorant as well as to the most learned, how easily would the whole church of God be reformed! This life of the senses stirs up and provokes the passions, instead of suppressing or subduing them; austerities may indeed enfeeble the body, but for the reasons just mentioned, can never take off the keenness of the senses, nor lessen their activity.

How true is it, O my God, that thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes! Let spiritual fathers be careful how they prevent their little ones from coming to Christ; He himself said to his apostles, “Suffer little children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven. Hence it is, that those in whom the attractions of grace are very powerful, find the outward man altogether weak and feeble, and even liable to faintings.

To bear all the states of Jesus Christ, is a much greater thing, than merely to meditate about them. Paperback94 pages. Dec 14, r b rated it it was ok Shelves: There are two kinds of people that keep silence; the one because they have nothing to say, the other because they have too much: All that is of man and of his doing, be it never so noble, never so exalted, must first be destroyed.