Sinus paranasal merupakan salah satu organ tubuh manusia yang sulit . sampai saat ini belum ada persesuaian pendapat mengenai fisiologi sinus paranasal. Transcript of ANATOMI & FISIOLOGI. ANATOMI Sinus Maxillaris – Merupakan sinus yang terbesar – Dasar menghadap Sinus Paranasal. Sinuses (paranasal sinuses) are mucus-lined cavities inside cranial and facial turcica temporal bone frontal sinus squamosal suture crista galli lambdoidal.

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Structurally, it may be a fibrous or cartilaginous joint. In the CNS, the axons of neurons are insulated by oligodendrocytes.

Negatively charged electrons are arranged outside the nucleus. Discuss why each component of a synovial joint is critical to the func- tion of the joint. However, since each trabecula is only a few cell layers think, each osteocyte is able to exchange fisiiologi with nearby blood vessels.

They are found in almost every cell, but are predominant in muscle cells and in cells that move by changing shape, such as phago- cytes white blood cells that scour the body for bacteria and other for- eign invaders.

A single flagellum propels sperm, while the numerous cilia that line the respiratory tract sweep away debris. There are two kinds of nuclear divi- sion—mitosis and meiosis. Pada usia 12 tahun, pneumatisasi mencapai bagian lateral, yaitu di bawah bagian lateral dinding orbita pada sisipan prosesus zigomatikus, secara inferior ke bagian dasar hidung dan setelah pertumbuhan gigi dentisi kedua di bawah dasar hidung. ATP is obtained via cellular respiration, which is accomplished by several different metabolic pathways discussed within this chapter.

A synovial membrane, which surrounds the synovial cavity. Skip to main content. Please contact our Public Relations Department at for press paranaasl copies or for author interviews and other publicity infor- mation or fax The second difficulty that is resolved during replication is that DNA poly- merase cannot itself initiate replication.


Anatomy and Chemistry basics. Di bagian belakang sinus etmoid posterior berbatasan dengan sinus sfenoid Soetjipto, The hair shaft is the portion of the hair that is visible on the sur- face of the skin.

Sinus Paranasal

Mast cells secrete histamine, which stimulates immune responses. Another portion of the tRNA, specified by a triplet com- bination of nucleotides, is the anticodon. The digestive system, for example, involves the coordinated activities of many organs, including the mouth, stom- ach, small and large intestines, pancreas, and liver. In Figureparaansal wavy lines between the last two phosphate groups of the ATP molecule indicate high- energy bonds.

ATP is then gener- ated from these energy-rich molecules by cellular respiration. Hidung Dan Sinus Paranasal Documents. Log In Sign Up.

Anatomi Sinus Paranasal

In order to perform the many diverse metabolic activities in the body, cells need to be able to communicate with one another to regulate growth and development. One protein differs from another by the number sinjs arrangement of the 20 different amino acids.

In contrast, meiosis is a reduction division, producing daughter cells that contain half the genetic information of the parent cell. Very small changes in the position of certain atoms, such as those that distinguish glucose and fructose, may dramatically change the chemistry of a molecule.

Reticular cells resemble fibroblasts, but have long, cellular pro- cesses extensions. Ffisiologi this way, the dense parnasal function similarly to the Z discs in striated muscles. Kelly Ewing tant professor of math and science at Woodbury Acquisitions Editor: Microtubules from each centrosome connect to specialized regions in the cen- tromere called kinetochores.

Bones and Skeletal Tissues. Nerve impulses arise in the trigger zone, generally located in the initial segment, an area just outside the axon hillock. Somatic cells all body cells except eggs and sperm are diploid cells because each cell contains two copies of every chromosome.


The adipose tissue inside the cavity stores lipids and forms the yellow marrow. Microtubules shorten and paarnasal chromosomes to opposite poles. Figure The pelvic girdle. An epithelial membrane is a combination of epithelial and connective tissues working together to perform a specific function. It was Hungry Minds, Inc.

FISIOLOGI HIDUNG DAN SINUS PARANASAL – ppt video online download

As a result, water has strong surface tension. At their ante- rior ends, they differ as to how they attach, as follows: Chondroblasts and chondrocytes occur in cartilage.

However, cardiac muscle cells have single, centrally located nucleus, and the muscle fibers branch often. Fisiologi Sinus ParanasalFungsi sinus paranasal antara lain: The Cell 31 chromatids, a process called crossing over. DNA controls the cell in this manner because it contains codes for polypeptides.

Nuclear division divides the genetic material in the nucleus, while cytokinesis divides fisilogi cytoplasm. The size length and number of fascicles deter- mine the strength and range of movement of a muscle.

Intermediate filaments help support the shape of the cell. Sinusitis alergikaPenyakit Sinus KonginentalVariasi UkuranSindrom Kartagener hipoplasia satu atau lebih sinus, infeksi berulang, dan poliposis hidungFibrosis Kistik sifat autosomal resesif lengan manifestasi dan komplikasi yang mudah berubah, penyakit ini melibatkan berbagai kelenjar penghasil mukus pada saluran napas dan cernaPenyakit Sinus TraumatikFraktur sinus frontalis, fraktur nasoethmoidalis, fraktur tulang pipi umumnya, dan semua fraktur maxilla selalu berhubungan dengan sinus paranasalis, dan dengan demikian merupakan fraktur terbuka.

As in the shaft, a periosteal bud develops.