At the beginning of the twentieth century England’s empire spanned the globe, its economy was strong, and its political system seemed immune to the ills that. Buy The Strange Death of Liberal England by George Dangerfield (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. was George Dangerfield, a recent immigrant to New York and literary editor of Strange Death of Liberal England, after languishing for three decades, became.

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This might not be the grandest or the most insightful history I have ever read although it is insightful. The Medieval Universe 5 Source Exercise 3: The only thing that united the country was a war. The World we have Lost: Winston Churchill appears prominently he was a senior cabinet member, and was even Home Secretary for a while — but he appears as “eccentric politico”, not as savior of his country.

There are choice sentences and gleaming pearls-of-phrase in this work which will thrill you. No trivia or quizzes yet. Its beyond grasping how Dangerfield presents such a mastery of his topic with such authority.

That’s not how Da I just re-read this book and it was just as wonderful the second time. We’re now in a realm where the maddest opinions are valid and the most apparently cogent are open to doubt.

It’s a complex and riveting account of the political sphere of turn of the century England. The th anniversary of the Easter Rising reminds us of the eternal marriage of hope and disappointment. On the other hand, the “book has been extraordinarily influential. The Wars of the Roses 1 Source Exercise 4: In art, you can see the madness creeping on in Sickert’s paintings and Epstein’s post-human sculpture The Rock Drill.


It was on the edge of civil war and revolution and it had both an outdated economic system as well as a political order unable and unwilling to embrace necessary change. The Uses of Facts: The writing in The Strange Death of Liberal England, by George Dangerfield, is exquisite, and the events and personalities are compelling.

They got shiploads of guns from Ulster, formed their own army and provisonal government, and were supported by the Conservative leader, Bonar Law, and most of the House of Lords. Dangerfield explains what happens when forces overwhelm fondly held principles.

First off, it’s important to understand that contrary to the title, Dangerfield is interested in the decline of the Liberal Party, not liberalism. Commentary Linda Colley, Captives: I nearly gave this book a 3 instead of 4 stars.

You couldn’t ask for better–it’s as if he was there.

George Dangerfield, The Strange Death of Liberal England

But, there are glaring flaws. Dangerfield wrote of the suffragettes that “what they etrange had to be done”, but he offered a highly gendered and dismissive analysis, accusing them of “asserting their masculinity”, “disorder, arrogance, and outrage”, and “pre-war lesbianism”.

The making of the English Landscape Overview Hoskins: Refresh and try again.

I have read and understood this message. In the book was chosen as number eighty-two in the Modern Library’s list of the Best Nonfiction Books published in the 20th century. The Making of the English Working Class: His view was that not only the Liberal Party but the very idea of Liberalism itself was cracking under the strain of internal crises even before Feb 25, Samantha rated it it was amazing.

The strange death of liberal England | Jonathan Jones | Art and design | The Guardian

Bogs down a bit in the labor section, but the book picks up again in the chapters explaining the lead up to the Great War. After a resounding electoral triumph inthe Liberals formed the government of the most powerful nation on earth, yet within a few years the House of Lords lost its absolute veto over legislation, the Home Rule crisis brought Ireland to the brink of civil war and led to an army mutiny, the campaign for woman’s suffrage created widespread civil disorder and discredited the legal and penal systems, and an libearl wave of strikes swept the land.


Collingham, Imperial Bodies E. We can never know, but it is an interesting question.

Dangerfield argues that four great rebellions before the Great War effectively destroyed the Liberal Party as a party of government. It warned him that he was underpaid, that Parliament–left to itself–would keep him underpaid; it told him that good behavior had ceased to have any meaning; it asserted that he must unite at any cost.

An astonishing achievement in historiography. From the left, historian Eric Hobsbawm said it was “wrong on most details, but still the most exciting way to start looking at the nation’s history during this period”.

But this is no staid parliamentary history, it is a sweeping cultural interpretation of what Dangerfield sees as the death of Victorian rationalism and sobriety. The Medieval Universe 3 Source Exercise 3: Standing beside that moonlit grave, one looks back.

It was ignored when it appeared in the s because the author had moved to America and became a magazine editor.